hydraulic jacking beams

Manufacturer: Werther International
Model: 496 / 3P

Hydraulic Jacking Beam

Lifting up to 3t, this convenient hand hydraulic jacking beams are ideal for lifting heavier passenger cars and vans. With its manual pump, you can lift quickly and efficiently, every time.

Features are:
3t lift capacity
Hand hydraulic
Manual acting pump

Hydraulic Jacking Beam 496
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more about the werther 496/3P hydraulic jacking beams

With its 3t lift capacity pneumatic pump, the 496/3P hydraulic jacking beam will easily lift heavier passenger cars and vans, reliably and efficiently. Featuring a low closed height of only 255mm, this jacking beam is suitable for most vehicles.

The flexible top support beam can quickly be extended up to 1,725mm, while it’s unique height adjustable support arm system is designed to fit all current 4 post car lifts. The simple two-hand lowering operation with dead man’s release, automatic safety locking device and overload valve provides this unit with optimum safety.

Supplied with extension sets and rubber cushion for protection of car and van bodies, this hand hydraulic jacking beam is a great addition to your busy workshop.

Werther 496-3P High Rise Jacking Beam 3ton

Hydraulic Jacking Beam

Hydraulic Jacking Beam 496

Lifting Capacity
3,000 Kg

Lifting Height
435 mm

496/3P Jacking Beam Include:
The capacity of 3t ensures optimum use
Minimum width of 935 mm
Flexible top support beam can be extended up to 1,725 mm

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