From ground up installations to high work flow refurbishments, the best workshops begin with the right garage workshop supplies partner. Whether you are looking to expand your current workshop, redesign your existing space or develop a brand-new location, Genesis Equipment can deliver to your specified budget − on time, every time.

As a successful business owner, you understand what it takes to develop and maintain trusted relationships with your clients. When it comes to choosing your automotive workshop equipment partner, you are looking for someone with the same values, a team that you can trust to deliver a great end product that is backed up by superior service, ongoing preventative maintenance options and manufacturer warranties.

We understand that each vehicle workshop fit out is unique. Working with you to gain a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, together we can formulate the best ways to:

Minimise material handling costs
Deliver minimal back-tracking
Ensure related operations are positioned closely
Create more predictable production times

Facilitate the movement of your personnel around equipment
Develop a design flexible enough to accommodate rearrangement of equipment
Accommodate for the addition of new or future workspace areas

Once we have a clear idea of your specific workshop needs, including your automotive workshop supplies, we provide you with detailed conceptual drawings, superimposing your workshop vision over your existing space allocation, and allowing you to truly visualise your fitout before we even begin. We continue to gain your feedback until we get it exactly how you want it.

Once approved, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive scope of works, a well-defined blueprint that outlines all aspects of your fitout, delivering transparency in production so you know exactly what we are doing throughout the entire process.

At Genesis, we understand that strong and clear communication is critical to the success of any project and have a strong track record of working closely and effectively with builders and other suppliers from concept through to completion. What this means for you is that we will be in constant contact every step of the way to ensure that we deliver the very best result – an end-project that you will be completely satisfied with.

Taking a long-term approach to every project, we assess more than just immediate needs − we can offer ideas and opportunities to help future proof your workshop and maximise your expenditure for long-term profitability. By accommodating your business growth plans from the very beginning, you gain the double advantage of increased immediate earnings, coupled with potential revenue opportunities.

So, if you are in the market to;
increase your revenue and productivity
limit your service division downtime during construction
save time and money on garage workshop supplies AND your workshop installation, and
use the safest and best quality products available on the market,

As a leading automotive workshop fitouts distributor, Genesis Equipment can help you tick every box for your next project!

With over 30 years combined experience in delivering multiple workshop refurbishments, installations and fitouts across Australia, our team offers the best quality, value and innovative options for your next project, anywhere in Australia.

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