From ground up installations to high work flow refurbishments, finding the right fitout professionals to meet your growing business needs is critical. Genesis Equipment specialises in local council organisation fitouts, overseeing everything from TAFE workshop fitout supplies to project managing waste disposal workshop fitout professionals. We have the specialist knowledge of equipment, design and workspace efficiency you need to deliver your vision to your dedicated budget, on time, every time.

With public and employee safety top of mind, the Genesis Equipment team have a long and successful history of working on Government and Council projects. When you’re looking to choose a team to assist with your fitout, you want a partner that has the experience and the knowledge to get the job done right first time. A team of qualified operators that you can trust to deliver great local council organisation fitouts that are backed by solid manufacturer warranties, superior service and a plan for ongoing preventative maintenance to keep your division moving.

At Genesis, we understand that each individual divisional fitout is unique. It’s precisely why we have people who specialise in TAFE workshop fitout supplies, while others would be considered waste disposal workshop fitout professionals. We’ll collaborate with you as well as any builders or architects working with you in order to gain a clear understanding of your goals, devise the right strategy and clarify objectives. As a result of the collaborative process, we will design the best ways to:

Ensure related operations are positioned appropriately for best workflow
Integrate lubrication, air, brake and suspension specifically for the site and fleet requirements
Create more predictable production times
Facilitate the movement of your personnel around equipment

Minimise material handling costs
Deliver minimal back-tracking
Develop a design flexible enough to accommodate rearrangement of equipment
Accommodate for the addition of new or future workspace areas

Delivering a set of comprehensive drawings, outlining your dedicated fleet workshop needs, we superimpose your concept over existing space allocation, or from the ground up, to provide a visualisation of how your fitout will be delivered before we even begin. Working together, we continue to hone the strategy and design, gaining your advice and feedback until we produce the perfect blueprint of your project.

Once your team approve the blueprint, a comprehensive scope of works will be supplied that clearly outlines every aspect of your local council organisation fitout. Ensuring transparency throughout every fitout guarantees we produce your workshop to your exact specifications, giving you the confidence you need in the end result.

Strong and Clear Communication is Paramount

At Genesis, we understand that strong and clear communication is critical to the success of any project, and we have strong past performance of working closely and effectively with internal and external teams from concept through to completion. What this means is that we will be in regular contact with key stakeholders every step of the way to guarantee that we will deliver the agreed outcome.

So, if you are in the market to;
increase your revenue and productivity
limit your service division downtime during construction
save time and money on your workshop fit out, and
use the safest and best quality products available on the market,

Then Genesis Equipment is the ideal fitout partner for your next major fitout!

Combining over 30 years of experience, our team is highly experienced in delivering government and council refurbishments, installations and fitouts across Australia, delivering the best quality, value for money and consistency required for your next project.

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