Engineered by Europe’s greatest minds, the tyre changer machines available from Genesis Equipment are unequalled in the marketplace. We understand how critical your tyre changing machines are to your productivity and workflow, so why not invest in the best for your workshop? Discover trusted brands from leading tyre changer manufacturers and tyre changing machines distributor Genesis Equipment.


At Genesis Equipment, we boast a team of highly trained and experienced servicing technicians who ensure your tyre changer works at peak efficiency. Our 34-point checklist helps minimise unnecessary downtime and keeps your workshop running smoothly. Enquire about our servicing and certification support packages today for more information.


Just as you provide preventative maintenance for clients on a daily basis, you should also make sure your own equipment has been regularly maintained. This prevents loss of income, minimises safety hazards, and keeps customers happy. You can rely on us to keep your leverless tyre changer, automatic tyre changer machine or heavy duty tyre changer machine in optimal condition.

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Popular Tyre Changing Machine Models:

Leverless Tyre Changer

Gemini 1555 SL Tyre Changer Include:
Self-centring chuck and two rotation speeds
Patented LL system
Set of plastic protectors for alloy rims

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Automatic Tyre Changer

Tyer Changer TITANIUM 300-24IT

Titanium 300/24IT Tyre Changer Include:
Double speed turntable (6-12 rpm)
Lubricator + filter regulator assy
Tyre inflation system (15l)

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Our tyre changer manufacturers and tyre changing machines distributor can deliver the very best spare parts for your tyre changer machine, all of which are sourced and procured from leading brands.


The tyre changer machines at Genesis Equipment are engineered to withstand the heavy demands of the Australian workshop. Whether you need a manual or automatic tyre changer machine or you want peace of mind knowing that your chosen tyre changer delivers the flexibility and safety your workshop needs, our range can deliver.

Our specialists realise that choosing a tyre changer machine for your workshop means thinking about speed, safety and convenience. Fortunately, our impressive selection can fulfil all your criteria, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the perfect solution for your requirements.

Our tyre changer machines boast various benefits and features, including self-centering chuck, secure rim clamping, moveable control stands, tilting posts, low profile to heavy vehicle rim sizing, ergonomic pedals, built in tubeless inflating, rapid positioning options, double acting bead breakers, and much more.

Whether you need a truck tyre changer or an automatic tyre changer machine, we do our best to deliver solutions that are safe, reliable, durable and flexible. We guarantee you’ll experience the shortest floor to floor servicing time in your workshop with a tyre changer from Genesis Equipment.