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Manufacturer: Werther International
Model: Gemini 1555 SL

Leverless Tyre Changers

Super automatic leverless tyre changer with pneumatically operated tilting column of the latest generation, ideal for working on all types of tires (EMT, RFT, CRS, DSST, PAX etc.) for cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles from 10” to 30”.

Features are:
Self-centering chuck with backing plate and two rotation speeds (7-14 rpm)
Max. inflation pressure limiter 3.5 Bar (50 Psi)
Pedal-operated inflation device with reading unit
Patented LL system
Side bead-breaker with blade
Vertical disc bead-breaker/presser
Lubrication filter unit
Set of plastic protectors for alloy rims

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the werther gemini 1555 SL tyre changer

The patented LL system fitted on the whole range of Gemini automatic tyre changers maintains the standard characteristics of the machine unaltered. It revolutionises the concept of working on tyres and wheels in general. It simply and totally resolves problems related to modern wheels: Run-flat, Low-profile and large wheels without damaging rims and tyres.

Leverless Tyre Changer

Gemini 1555 SL Tyre Changer Include:
Self-centring chuck and two rotation speeds
Patented LL system
Set of plastic protectors for alloy rims

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Automatic Tyre Changer

Tyer Changer TITANIUM 300-24IT

Titanium 300/24IT Tyre Changer Include:
Double speed turntable (6-12 rpm)
Lubricator + filter regulator assy
Tyre inflation system (15l)

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