tyre changer

Manufacturer: Werther International
Model: Titanium 300/24IT

Fully Automatic Tyre Changer

Specifically designed with cars, motorcycles and commercial wheels in mind, the TITANIUM fully automatic tyre changer is the perfect addition to your high work flow workshop.

Features are:
Air operated tilting column
Fully automatic
Double speed turntable (6-12 rpm)
Mounting lever with plastic protection for alloy rims
Lubricator + filter regulator assy
Set of alloy rims protection
Ring bracket and grease pot
Bead breaker with plastic protection for alloy rims
Tyre inflation system (15 Lt. Tank capacity)

Tyer Changer TITANIUM 300-24IT
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the werther tianium 300/24IT tyre changer

Complete with an octagonal self-centring turntable and pedal inflator for the beading in, the fully automatic TITANIUM 300/24IT tyre changer is the ideal piece of equipment for any workshop.

Moving parts can be operated at two speeds by pressing the dedicated built in pedals, with a bead breaking cylinder force of up to 3080kg and huge max wheel diameter of 1000 mm. Utilising a 3ph power supply, with a motor power of 1.1kw, the TITANIUM 300/24IT can perform multiple changes quickly and reliably to keep your workshop moving.

Leverless Tyre Changer

Gemini 1555 SL Tyre Changer Include:
Self-centring chuck and two rotation speeds
Patented LL system
Set of plastic protectors for alloy rims

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Automatic Tyre Changer

Tyer Changer TITANIUM 300-24IT

Titanium 300/24IT Tyre Changer Include:
Double speed turntable (6-12 rpm)
Lubricator + filter regulator assy
Tyre inflation system (15l)

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