2 Post Hoist Comparison: What to Look at When Comparing Different Brands

2 Post Hoist

November 26, 2020

2 Post Hoist Comparison: What to Look at When Comparing Different Brands

In this blog we’ve compiled your go-to checklist for comparing different 2 post hoist brands.

As you’ll see below, when it comes to picking the best vehicle hoist for your workshop it pays to compare hoist construction, not just price.

At Genesis Equipment, we are the Exclusive Australian Distributor of the world’s most highly regarded automotive lift and workshop equipment manufacturers including Bendpak.

So, when the Bendpak team compared their XPR 10 Series of 2-post hoists, with a competitor’s model with the same lifting capacity we were interested to see what they’d uncovered – and pass on this information to you!

Bendpak published their side-by-side comparison online here, and we have created the below checklist to help you choose the best 2-post hoist for your business or workshop.

2-Post Hoist Checklist

Here at Genesis Equipment we stock a variety of high-quality, industry certified 2-post hoists including the XPR Series from Bendpak.

And like any large investment, shopping around can help you get the best deal – however it pays to remember that a lower price tag may mean fewer safety features and inferior construction.

So, here are some important design considerations to assess when comparing two hoist models with the same lifting capabilities:  

Carriage Considerations

  • Lift carriage: A taller carriage can help reduce column stress and assist with lift preservation (lifespan) and user safety.
  • Locking positions welded on carriage (image below): Bendpak offered more locking positions on a taller, single-piece carriage. Not only do our welded nubs offer permanent hold for peace of mind, but the greater number of nubs mean the hoist has less distance to “drop” should something go awry.  
Slide Blocks
  • Side blocks: Beefy slide blocks can ensure minimal maintenance required for the lifespan of the hoist.
BendPak Attachment Holes
  • Arm attachment reinforcement: Bendpak’s hoists also have reinforced arm attachment holes compared to the competitors, for strength and durability.
Carriage Arm Restraint
  • Arm restraint: Bendpak offers superior design with more robust arm restraints
BendPak Carriage Weight
  • Weight of Carriage – the lift carriage of the Bendpak model was twice as heavy as the uncertified lift form the competitor (180 vs 90)

Column Considerations

  • Column construction: Is the column construction single piece or multi-piece? Opt for single piece for strength.
  • Baseplates: Check the baseplate size. A wider baseplate will provide a sturdier and more stable lift.
  • Column sheaves: Look for bigger size and how it is supported. This will impact the lifecycle of your lift as a larger sheave is less susceptible to wear and tear. And in the below image, the sheave in the Bendpak model is not only larger but secured and supported better.

Top Beam Considerations

  • Overall construction: Superior welds and other items can increase security
  • Wire rope sheaves: These are critical components of a lift and the bigger the sheaves means the lift has a higher weight capacity

Equalizer Cables

  • Larger, stronger aircraft-quality cables come from BendPak
Equalizer Cables

Certification Label

  • Look for independent certification symbols such as ALI or CE. Learn more about ALI certification and why it’s important in our other blog post here.

These are just a small selection of the hoist construction items that should be considered and compared when deciding which brand or model would best suit your needs.

Checklist for picking a two-post hoist

Bendpak’s 2-post hoists are impressive and boast high-quality engineering and construction.

So, if you think one of their hoists would be the perfect fit for your garage, talk to the team at Genesis Equipment today on 1800 200 039.

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