Low Ceiling Car Hoist

2 Post Hoist

March 17, 2020

Low Ceiling Car Hoist

If you’re looking to work underneath a vehicle but you don’t have the room for a standard lift in your home garage or workshop, a low ceiling car hoist might be just the ticket.

At Genesis Equipment we have a great range of options including Bendpak and QuickJack which are known for their safety, quality, functionality and durability.

In this blog we’ve shared four different options. And as always, our experienced workshop specialists are available to help find the hoist that’s right for you. Call 1300 694 363 or enquire online here.

Bendpak GP Hoist Range

Bendpak’s GrandPrix Series of 2-post hoists come in three height: short, medium and tall.

The GrandPrix range of lifts have a powder coat finish, a number of lock positions, an overhead safety shutoff bar and single hidden hydraulic cylinder.

The smallest option is the GP-7LCS Short Height, which is perfect to use in low ceiling areas.

  • Lifting capacity of 3175 kg
  • Maximum rise of 147.32 cm
  • Height of 270.5 cm

Bendpak XPR-9 Hoist

Bendpak’s XPR Series has a couple of Medium-Heavy Duty Floor Plate options which also suit tighter workspaces.

These 2-post hoists, the XPR-9S – Shorty Floor Plate and the XPR-9S-LP Shorty Floor Plate – Low-Pro Arms, have a rugged steel construction and an open top design with base plates also made from steel.

They also have single point safety release, automatic arm restraints and the width can also be adjusted.

Both models have a:

  • Height of 287cm
  • Maximum rise of 182.88cm
  • Lifting capacity of 4082.3kg

Bendpak LR-60 Hoist Range

Bendpak’s Scissor Series LR-60 Range is another great choice for when you don’t have a tall space to work in.

The LR-60 Low-Rise Lift and the portable option the LR-60P both have a lifting capacity of 2721.5kg, a height range of 10.16cm – 66cm, and the lift pads measure 45.72cm by 134.6cm.

Both of the models also come with standard rubber lift blocks.

Quickjack Portable Lifts

Portable QuickJack lifts can also be an option for smaller areas, and at Genesis Equipment there are 6 models to choose from with varying lifting capacities from 1588 to 3175kg.

These lifting systems can be moved around or stowed easily away due to their compact size. They are also known for their high quality and durability.

Learn more about Quickjack in this blog here.

Low ceiling car hoist

For car enthusiasts hoping to work on their cars but who don’t have the space for a standard height hoist, Genesis Equipment is here to help find the best lift option, even if space is limited with low ceilings.

Give us a call today on 1300 694 363 or enquire online here. 

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