Four-post Home Car Hoist

4 Post Hoist

November 30, 2020

Four-post Home Car Hoist

For some people, their home is their pride and joy – for others it’s their cars. If you sound like the latter, then a home car hoist could be the perfect addition to your garage.

At Genesis Equipment, we are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of one of the world’s leading vehicle hoist producers – Bendpak.

We stock a variety of their sophisticated, safe and practical two and four post hoists which are perfect for car enthusiasts and workshop owners, and everyone in between.

In this blog, we share a case study of an Adelaide client who recently purchased a 4-post hoist from Genesis, so he could safely store his 5 beloved cars in his garage.

Car Hoist Adelaide

Earlier this year we were contacted by Chris, an engineer and car aficionado who has a total of 5 cars – some for daily use and others for weekend drives.

He wanted a quality vehicle lift, so all 5 of his cars could be stored in the garage and locked away safely.

Without a hoist the garage was only wide enough to house 3 cars. However, thanks to the addition of Bendpak’s HD-9SW, a 4-post super-wide hoist, parking space was doubled, and all 5 vehicles are now able to be kept secure indoors within the existing garage.

This client had done his research and knew which Bendpak hoist was the most suitable for his needs when he contacted Genesis Equipment.

We confirmed that the HD-9SW was the right lift for him and were able to get the hoist delivered from our Brisbane headquarters to the Adelaide home.

About Bendpak’s HD-9SW

The super-wide HD-9SW is an ideal hoist to service wider vehicles or, like in this instance, double your parking/storage capabilities in your home garage.

  • Lifting capacity – 4082.3kg
  • Max Rise – 177.8cm
  • Runway Length – 416.56cm
  • Width – 513.08cm
  • Length – 508cm

If a BendPak HD-9SW sounds suitable for your needs, click here for a quote.

3 Reasons to Pick Genesis Equipment for Your Home Car Hoist

  1. Nationwide Delivery: Genesis Equipment is based in South-East Queensland, but it doesn’t matter where you are located around Australia, we are able to ship to any location.
  2. Fit-for-purpose Solutions: We ensure the equipment you purchase meets your needs.
  3. Warranty: All products sold by us come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Four-post Home Car Hoist

When you need to double your garage storage, Genesis Equipment is the team to call.

If you’d like to enquire about any of our products or find out more about Genesis Equipment, please call our team on 1300 694 363 or send us an online enquiry here.

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