10 Ways To Use A Column Lift

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November 25, 2021

10 Ways To Use A Column Lift

10 Ways To Use A Column Lift – Let’s talk about mobile column lifts.  They just may be the most versatile option for lifting heavy vehicles on the market today.

Stertil-Koni products are known for their excellence in engineering, premium components and enhanced safety features, but let’s not overlook their versatility. 

Simply put, there is a Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Lift for every industry and every heavy vehicle on the market today.  If it rolls, we will lift it!

Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Lifts

When it comes to lifting vehicles, versatility and safety are of paramount importance, and these are exactly the focus of Stertil-Koni mobile column lift products.

The key to the success of the range is the ability to add and remove columns. In fact, you can sync up to 32 individual columns for each vehicle lift.  This means that your configuration can be changed to suit the length of your chosen vehicle, allowing you to expand your service offerings across industries.

Mobile column lifts have the added benefit of being moveable and wireless, enabling a configuration to suit almost every workshop environment.

Wondering how many ways you can use a mobile column lift? We can think of at least 10, but there is probably many more! Read on to find out.

1. When You Need to Lift Trucks of Any Size

An appropriate lifting solution is essential if you operate a workshop or service centre that specialises in truck maintenance and servicing.

Trucks come in all shapes, sizes and configurations, and when you have a fit-out comprising Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts, you can accommodate all of them. Select from wireless or cabled configurations and sync up to 32 individual columns to satisfy the requirements of every length truck. 

Stertil-Koni is a global leader in all things to do with heavy lifting, and no detail has been overlooked or under-engineered.

Read more about why Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts are the perfect truck hoists here.

2. To be Earth Friendly

The Stertil-Koni Earthlift range of products utilises incredible energy-saving technology that allows the battery to charge while lowering the vehicle.  Stertil-Koni developed its patented Active Energy Retrieval System to optimise energy and reduce the product’s carbon footprint.  

The frequency of battery charging is greatly reduced through harnessing the energy generated by the raised vehicle as it is lowered.  EARTHLIFT can complete up to 50 lifting cycles without having to recharge.

The Earthlift has earned a reputation as the most environmentally-friendly wireless mobile column lift in the world due to its Active Energy Retrieval System, in combination with:

  • recyclable batteries
  • lifting columns constructed from recyclable components
  • biodegradable oil used in a closed hydraulic system and,
  • Electronic components according to environmental norms, RoHS

3. If You Need to Service Mining Equipment

The robust design and extensive safety features make heavy-vehicle mobile column lifts an ideal solution for use in the mining industry.

Along with the standard safety features and potential environmental benefits of the Earthlift range, there are additional options across all Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts that are especially suited to mining equipment.

By selecting a model that uses wireless technology, your entire setup can be moved outside when necessary.  Additionally, the electrical system on all models is splashproof with an IP 65 rating.  This is of huge benefit to protect your equipment from breakdown and failed lifts in tough mining environments.

Learn more about heavy vehicle hoists for mines here.

4. For Fast Wheel Changing on Rail Wagons

The innovative RF Wagonlift is a game-changer when it comes to working on rail freight vehicles. It is the only hoist available on the rolling stock market that can lift both the wagon and bogies in one go, leaving the wheels on the track for easy changing.

Previously unheard of in the industry, the RF Wagonlift allows workers to change wheels in just 20 minutes with a simple 6 step workflow.

5. When Floor Space is Premium

Maximise floor space and reduce invasive (and expensive!) installation costs by going mobile.  When floor space is tight and vehicle sizes constantly changing, having a lifting system that can be repositioned easily is essential. 

Mobile column lifts feature adjustable pick-up forks, retractable wheels and an option to go wireless, providing you with the most versatile solution on the market today.

The roller system comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind too.

6. To Reduce Trip Hazards

No cables, no worries! Increase safety by reducing trip hazards with a cable-free setup.

There is no need to plug into the wall or have cables lying around because, with a wireless mobile column lift, the special deep cycle batteries will only need to be recharged fortnightly.

Synchronise up to 32 individual columns that utilise a military-grade mesh communication system for operation.

7. Agricultural Equipment Maintenance

Farm machinery repair has never been easier than when using a mobile column lift setup. With so many column configurations at your disposal, you can perform equipment maintenance on every kind of agricultural equipment. 

Stertil-Koni has developed several special adaptors and accessories specifically suited to agricultural vehicles.

You can even create a unique 3 column combination (two at the rear wheels, one at the front) for towed equipment when fitted with a “pin and ball tow hitch”.

Learn more about lifting farm trucks, tractors, combine harvesters and more here.

8. If You Need to Lift a Bus!

Bus fleet maintenance is a big job that demands great tools!  Working on council buses and coaches requires a hoist with maximum efficiency and premium components.  Even weight distribution is essential, too, due to the long length of the vehicles.

Even weight distribution is easily achieved by customising each column to suit the lift. Each column lifts 6.5 tonnes to 17.5 tonnes, enough to suit any bus. A standard 2 or 4 post hoist doesn’t have this benefit.

A bus hoist must satisfy exacting standards and withstand a constant workload, and heavy use as vehicles frequently come in and out of the workshop.  Stertil-Koni is world renown for its build quality and well-engineered components built to be robust and enduring.

9. When Safety Matters

Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts are unsurpassed for safety with their extensive safety attributes that exceed industry standards and satisfy international and national certification requirements.

These include:

  • All models sold in Australia are CE and ALI Certified.
  • Overload protection – prevents the load from lifting if it exceeds the maximum lifting capacity by 110%
  • Premium mechanical locking system – much lower than other brands with only 35mm gap between locks.
  • If a column is out by 15mm, the synchronised columns will self-level. It will alarm if out by more than 30mm, and power will automatically cut out during lifting if out by 60mm.
  • Emergency stop buttons are fitted on every column.
  • Reduced trip hazards with a wireless setup.
  • eBright Smart Control System provides many additional safety and control options.

10. When You Want To Be In Control

The Stertil-Koni philosophy is that their products keep “everything under control”, and the eBright Smart Controls System the comes standard with their mobile column lifts certainly achieves this.

The system is an intuitive touch screen control system that puts every aspect of your lift at your fingertips, even wearing gloves!

The eBright significantly improves user experience and productivity in your workshop and provides another layer of safety with information and alerts instantly displayed to prevent accidents and lift failures. 

The touch screen allows the operator to control every aspect of the vehicle lift, including individual adjustments of columns and control of lowering speed.

Flexibility In How You Lift Heavy Vehicles

You may be surprised by just how many ways you can use a column lift. This article has provided 10 solutions, but there are so many more!

There is a Stertil-Koni mobile column lift solution for every heavy vehicle, customised for many different industries.  We invite you to chat with Genesis Equipment today to discuss your individual needs.

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