What does ALI Certified mean?

ALI Certified Hoist

September 8, 2020

What does ALI Certified mean?

In this blog we answer the all-important hoist question: What does ALI Certified mean?  

When it comes to picking the right vehicle lift, you want to know that the hoist you’re buying has been rigorously tested and safe to operate.  

So, being aware of what to look for – and being armed with this knowledge – will help you make an informed choice.  

Choosing a hoist with ALI Certification – a globally recognised symbol of safety and structural integrity – gives you peace of mind that your lifting equipment meets the very highest performance and safety requirements. 

Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Certification Explained 

ALI Certification stands for Automotive Lift Institute Certification.  

The gold badge associated with ALI Certification hails from the United States of America but is recognised around the globe and guarantees that the hoist meets strict industry standards relating to safety and performance.  

For a lift to be given the ALI seal of approval, thorough testing of the hoist is carried out by an independent and reliable third-party in a specialised laboratory. 

In-depth scrutiny takes into account the design, construction, engineering and installation of that specific model of lift, to ensure it meets stringent safety standards.  

ALI Certification Testing Process 

In order to be ALI Certified, a hoist must pass an extensive list of criteria, these include:  

  • Structural integrity assessments of all of the lift’s systems and components 
  • Proper controls function and load holding devices 
  • Proper lowering speed 
  • Overload protection 
  • PLUS, perhaps most importantly, the ability to lift 150% of its rated load capacity without any visual deformity to the lift’s structural elements or components 
  • Instructional materials must also meet a specified standard, and 
  • A manufacturer’s production facility must also meet set quality control measures. 

Hoist ALI Certification: What You Need to Know 

  1. Hoists that are ALI Certified have been proven to meet the safety and performance requirements outlined in the safety standard ANSI/ALI ALCTV (current edition): “Safety Requirements for the Construction, Testing and Validation of Automotive Lifts”. 
  2. Certification is given to the individual lift or hoist model, not the manufacturer. So, not every model offered by a brand may have ALI certification.  
  3. Unless otherwise mandated, lift testing and certification is voluntary. This means that the responsibility for buying rests with the customer.  

What brands have ALI Certified hoists?  

Genesis Equipment is the Exclusive Australian Distributor of globally recognised brands such as Stertil Koni and Bendpak.  

Bendpak are members of the Automotive Lift Institute and aligned with the institute’s quest to promote the highest standards in safety and performance.  

We have an extensive range of ALI Certified Bendpak lifts available here at Genesis Equipment, including mobile column lifts, 4-post hoists, 2-post hoists and scissor lifts. 

Some of the most popular automotive ALI Certified lifts we stock are: 

  • XPR-10S Symmetric Clearfloor 
  • XPR-12FDL Heavy-Duty Floor Plate 
  • XPR-12CL Clearfloor 
  • HD-7P Narrow 
  • HD-9XW Wide Tall Long 

For heavy vehicles and equipment, you can purchase confidently with models such as:  

  • ST-1075 
  • ST-1085 
  • Sky Lift 

What does ALI Certified mean? 

Here at Genesis Equipment, we understand that when operating a vehicle lift either in a home garage or workplace, safety is paramount.  

So, when purchasing a vehicle hoist, look for the ALI certification to help make your decision.  

When you see the ALI symbol you know that you are purchasing a lift that has undergone rigorous, independent testing to ensure it meets the USA’s safety standards.  

Need help choosing the right hoist for your workshop, dealership or home garage? Get in touch with the professionals at Genesis Equipment today on 1300 694 363. 

Want to know more about ALI Certification? Click here. 

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