BendPak Warranty for Car Lifts – The Best in Australia


February 17, 2022

BendPak Warranty for Car Lifts – The Best in Australia

Investing in the right equipment for your workshop is of paramount importance. The right gear will ensure your staff’s safety. It will increase your productivity and your versatility. If you invest wisely, your ROI will exceed your expectations, and your business will go from strength to strength.

Protecting your investment is also key to keeping your business running smoothly. Of course, being adequately insured is essential and so is having a robust warranty and backup service from your equipment manufacturer.

Genesis Equipment is selective about the brands that we offer. We require all of our products to satisfy strict quality control measures, exceed safety requirements and be supported by the best warranties. 

A good warranty demonstrates that a manufacturer has faith in their products and that you won’t be left high and dry should something go wrong.

BandPak Warranty for Car Lifts

The only thing that outshines the quality and premium features of the BendPak product range, is the warranty that each product comes with.

BendPak warranty is widely known as being the best in Australia for car lifts.  BendPak has set the benchmark when it comes to supporting their products and their customers.  Not only do their products outperform and outlast the competition, but the BendPak warranty leaves the others in the dust.

BendPak Warranty = 5-2-1

BendPak is so proud of its warranty, it has given it a name!  The “BendPak 5-2-1 Year Warranty” is unsurpassed in the industry, and further solidifies the quality of the BendPak range.

When a company is confident that their products will deliver consistently, they offer comprehensive guarantees to support them.  In short, products build a brand and its reputation of quality.  For a company to offer a great warranty, their product needs to be worthy of it.

BendPak products are certainly worthy of the 5-2-1 Warranty that they come with.

What is the BenPak 5-2-1 Warranty?

BenPak two-post and four-post lifts are provided with a warranty that  covers all components of its products, in a 5-2-1 tiered structure as follows:


  • Five Years (60 Months) Warranty on the lift structure


  • Two Years (24 Months) Warranty on the hydraulic cylinder(s) and power unit


  • One Year (12 Months) Warranty on operating components
  • One Year (12 Months) Warranty on electrical components (excluding power unit)
  • One Year (12 Months) Labor Warranty on site or at factory
  • One Year (12 Months) Free Shipping on ground‐freight charges related to warranty performance

Nothing Else Compares

Reading the fine print of guarantees and warranties can be overwhelming.  It is very easy to overlook clauses and key aspects that can leave you in trouble should a breakdown occur.

The BendPak 5-2-1 Warranty was first introduced in the 1990s and has stood the test of time.  This is a testament to the high standards of production and engineering of BendPak products.  After all, where else can you find a full 365 days of zero-risk protection with absolutely no cost to you? 

As well as covering the components themselves, for one year after your purchase, BendPak will cover all on-site and factory labour costs and all ground-freight shipping costs required to get you back up and running.

There is nothing else in the industry that comes close!

For full terms and conditions of BendPak Car Lift products in Australia, visit the BendPak Warranty pages.  Alternatively, you can download the BendPak Limited Warranties document to learn more.

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