Best Aussie Car Hoists – Bendpak Australia


December 23, 2021

Best Aussie Car Hoists – Bendpak Australia

Aussie car hoists – when it comes to choosing a car hoist for your home or workshop, it can be tough to wade through all of the information that is out there. 

The one truth to be aware of is that all hoists are not created equal!  Features, benefits, safety standards, and construction quality vary greatly from brand to brand.  It is important not to overlook the differences because cheaper does not necessarily mean better.

Best Aussie Car Hoists

In Australia, Genesis Equipment is the distributor of several brands of workshop equipment, all of which offer exceptional safety standards, precision-engineered components and optimal productivity for your workflow.

We have chosen to only work with brands we trust – both for their build quality, features, backup service, and warranties.

One of our favourite ranges has been created by Bendpak.  Genesis is the exclusive Australian distributor for Bendpak car hoists and workshop equipment

The Bendpak Range of Car Hoists and Workshop Equipment

Bendpak offers a vehicle lifting solution for every workshop or home garage. Depending on your application, and the layout of your workshop, you can choose from:

Car Lifts   
Two-Post LiftsFour-Post LiftsAlignment LiftsLow-Rise Scissor Lifts
Mid-Rise Scissor LiftsFull-Rise Scissor LiftsParking LiftsMobile Column Lifts
Portable Car Lifts4-Post Bridge JacksCar Lift AccessoriesHydraulic Power Unit
Wheel Service Equipment   
Tyre ChangersWheel BalancersBrake LathesWheel Aligners
Wheel WeightsTyre RepairInflation CagesWheel Service Accessories
Shop Equipment   
Air CompressorsPipe BendersOil Filter CrushersA/C Recovery Machines
Swamp CoolersShop PressesHose ReelsParts Washers
Carts and DolliesFloor JacksWorkbenchesMotorcycle Lifts
Transmission JacksOil DrainsJack StandsSupports and Cranes

What Makes Bendpak the Best Aussie Car Hoist?

Bendpak has set the Benchmark of Quality™ when it comes to the auto servicing industry. The company has an illustrious history that has positioned it at the forefront of all things vehicle-related. 

Bendpak equipment is frequently targeted by inferior brands who imitate the products to compete.  Here is an example of how Bendpak outclasses other brands and why cheap vs quality does not translate to sound decision making for your business.

When you compare features side-by-side, it becomes obvious why Bendpak is a class above the rest.

All Bendpak car hoists have premium features such as:

  • ALI and CE certified – This means that they meet the strictest global testing standards. Learn more about ALI certification here.
  • Built with single-piece columns – creating a stronger, longer-lasting structure.
  • Engineered using superior-grade steel – for increased strength and stability.
  • Feature oversized bottom plates – incredibly strong and stable.
  • Increased sheave and pully sizes – this reduces the load on safety cables, significantly decreasing the chance of fraying.
  • Reinforced lift carriage – less stress on the columns, increasing the lift’s lifespan.
  • Locks are engineered into the lift carriage – a stronger and safer system.
  • Thicker safety locks – safer for you and your staff.
  • Reinforced pin holes – increased durability and maximum safety.
  • Lift arms are constructed from structural tubing, not multi-piece formed steel – This increases the durability and safety of the lift arms.
  • Throttle valves in every hydraulic cylinder – An added safety feather that also helps prevent hydraulic blowouts.
  • Safety cables are manufactured from stainless steel – Prevents corrosion and premature wear-and-tear. Increases lifespan.
  • Nice aesthetic – they look great and blend seamlessly into any workshop environment with their modern dark grey and yellow design.

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