Portable Car Hoist Australia


March 3, 2020

Portable Car Hoist Australia

If you don’t have room for a lift in your workshop or you’re eager to tinker with cars at home or on the go, it might be worth considering a portable car hoist Australia.

At Genesis Equipment we have some great options which are both high quality and durable, helping you lift your cars off the ground with ease and providing enough clearance to work safely and comfortably underneath.

A portable lift can also raise your car enough to make it easier to carry out jobs such as detailing, tyre rotations and changing an exhaust.

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It shouldn’t be a struggle to raise a car up and you can do it quickly and conveniently with a high quality and durable QuickJack.

This portable lifting system was originally developed to overcome areas where it was difficult to tend to cars remotely such as in the DIY market and on the race circuit, where maintenance needs to happen quickly.

At Genesis Equipment we have a number of QuickJacks models on offer, which have varying maximum lifting capacities ranging from 1587kg to 3175kg.

Depending which model you choose, the QuickJack itself will weigh anywhere from 27kg to 50kg.

Bendpak Low Rise Portable Lift

Bendpak’s Low-Rise Portable Lift the LR-60P is another great option when it comes to a portable hoist.

It comes with standard rubber lift blocks and has lift pad dimensions which measure 45.72cm x 134.62cm.

Other notable features include:

  • 2721kg lifting capacity
  • 10cm – 66cm height range

Portable Car Hoist Australia

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