We heard the community’s call and immediately went to work perfecting the EXT series. The BL-5000EXT is an extendedlength lift with jack support locations that extend 6” farther than our SLX models. QuickJack is the best car lift for your home garage or shop, and with the additional reach of the EXT, you’ll service more vehicles than ever. Great for light-duty trucks and SUVs.

Lifting Capacity'Lifting Capacity

5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg)

Automatic safety locks

QuickJack is the only portable car lift with dual-position safety locks that automatically glide into place. Flip off the lock bar and prepare for a safe, even descent.

Extended lift point spread

Lift block trays are extended 6” to allow operators to safely reach difficult lift points. Never compromise safety or “wing it.” Get the right car lift for the job.

One-touch button control

The pendant remote control could not be easier to use. For your convenience, it magnetically attaches to the power unit chassis. Press Up or Down to activate the hydraulic system.

Built-in hydraulic flow divider

Every power unit that comes with the QuickJack portable car lift system includes a hydraulic flow divider that ensures an even lift at all times. Fluid is distributed throughout both cylinders at equal pressures

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