The 7,000-lb. capacity BL-7000EXT is the safest, highestcapacity and longest-reaching portable car lift ever made. Vehicle types with lift points that stretch toward the edges of the wheelbase can finally be serviced by a fully collapsible, open-center car lift. Compared to other QuickJack models, the 66” lift point reach on the BL-7000EXT allows operator access to more trucks and SUVs than ever before.

Lifting Capacity'Lifting Capacity

7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)

Reinforced upper rail

The BL-7000EXT portable car lift adds box-welded steel to the upper lifting rail, minimizing deflection and increasing lifting power.

Extended frames

These beefy frames are 76.5” long, meaning you get the utmost in safety, stability and lift point reachability. There’s never been a car lift this portable and still so powerful.

No jack stands, ever!

Donate your stands to charity. Or keep them around for memory’s sake. Self-locking safety bars are safer, easier and more effective than jack stands, and the BL-7000EXT is overengineered to multiple safety factors beyond the rated lift capacity.

Open-center design

Nothing’s changed at the highest weight capacity. Our heaviestduty car lift is still completely open-center and fun to use!


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