Best Scissor Lift for Home Garage


November 21, 2020

Best Scissor Lift for Home Garage

If you’re wondering what the best scissor lift for home garage use is, the professionals at Genesis Equipment can help.

We stock low-rise, mid-rise and full-rise Bendpak lifts and it doesn’t matter where you are in Australia, we can deliver to you.

In this blog we look at some of the brand’s most popular scissor lifts, according to Bendpak and their customers. 

Low-rise Lift Option

Low-rise lifts take up the least amount of room and are therefore easy to fit into a home garage. Due to their compact design they’re also perfect for quick-lube pits.

·         QuickJack portable car lift

This portable car lift is known for its quality, safety and convenience.

As it is mobile it doesn’t require installation. It also has a small footprint in your workshop, is easy to use, has an open center design and built in wheels.

Using this lift, vehicles can reach their maximum lifting height of between 50.8cm-53.34cm in about 30 seconds.

Mid-rise Scissor Lift Options

Mid-rise lifts are offer more comfort and slightly more working height than a low-rise option.

·         MD-6XP mid-rise scissor lift  

This lift is portable and has a lifting capacity of 2721.5kg, but one consideration for those want to reach all parts of a vehicle – you cannot access the undercarriage with the MD-6XP.

The MD-6XP is however popular with detailer studios, body shops and vehicle enthusiasts who carry out routine upkeep or maintenance at home – when open-center accessibility is not a priority.

·         MDS-6LPF flush-mount scissor lift

This scissor lift is considered to be ideal for home garages as it basically disappears into the floor and when collapsed is flush to the ground, taking up no space at all.

It has a lifting capacity of 2721.5kg, and can reach heights over 101.6 cm. It’s open centre design also means car enthusiasts can reach the underside of their vehicle without hassle.

Full-rise scissor lift option

Full-rise scissor lifts might not be as popular for home users but that doesn’t mean they won’t work. And if you have the height for it, why not make the most of your space for comfort and safety?

·         SP-7XL full-rise scissor lift

This lift has the lifting height of a two-post hoist but has a simpler design.

The SP-7XL has an open center making it easy to access the underside of a vehicle and it’s lifting capacity is 3175.14kg.

Why Choose a Bendpak Scissor Lift?

Check out this video featuring a two-time Bendpak owner, Michael and his mid-rise lift (MDS-6LPF).

Best scissor lift for home garage

Need help choosing the best scissor lift for your home garage? Speak to the automotive lifting experts at Genesis Equipment, and we’ll run you through your options based on the type of vehicles and work you want to do.

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