ebright Smart Control System (for Heavy Vehicle Hoists)


September 24, 2021

ebright Smart Control System (for Heavy Vehicle Hoists)

ebright Smart Control System for Heavy Vehicle Hoists

Heavy Vehicle Hoists – When it comes to the business of trucks and lifting heavy vehicles, safety and control are essential.

Stertil-Koni is the global leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts. Their signature ebright Smart Control System is available on several hoists, including Mobile Columns, SKYLIFT and DIAMONDLIFT.

And Genesis Equipment is your local Australian team to speak to for all your quality, heavy vehicle hoists needs.

What is ebright?

The Stertil-Koni ebright Smart Control System is an intuitive touch screen control system that ensures every aspect of your lift is always accessible right at your fingertips.

By utilising the latest technologies and thoroughly researched workflow data, the ebright Smart Control System provides a user experience that keeps your workshop running smoothly.

Why use ebright for your Heavy Duty Vehicle Lift?

There is nothing more critical to a successful lift than easy access to safety and lift information when you need it. Warning, failure and maintenance notifications are essential in keeping your staff informed and fully in control at every stage.

Stertil-Koni designed the ebright Smart Control System, knowing that ease of use and operation are key to safety and efficiency.

The ebright Smart Control System combines clear and attractive on-screen visuals with practical elements such as a touch screen that works even when wearing gloves. This means that the ebright Smart Control System is the ultimate tool for hydraulic lift operation.

Features for Hydraulic Lift Operation

No detail has been overlooked, and with the Stertil-Koni ebright Smart Control System at hand, your lift systems will always be perfectly controlled.

  • Touch screen control that works when wearing gloves
  • User-configured options, such as choice of language, safety warnings, scheduled maintenance
  • Full-colour high resolution 7” screen, graphically highly attractive
  • Wireless Mesh network with continuous active channel search offering optimal connectivity (not available on Cabled models)
  • Intuitive controls and information at a glance
  • Warning and failure information
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Visual display of programmable lifting height if set
  • Control lowering speed for slow or normal lowering (on suitable models)
  • Operation manual available on-screen if required
  • Tracking of specific operations and information codes

Benefits When Using Your Heavy Vehicle Hoist

  • Improves user experience and productivity in the workshop
  • Displays safety information instantly and easily
  • Prevents accidents and failures due to real-time warnings and notifications
  • Allows total control of all aspects of heavy vehicle lifts
  • Individual operation of models, in pairs or simultaneously as a set with the touch of a button (mobile column models only)
  • Available on several types of lifts and truck hoists
  • Display of axle weight indication during a lift (using optional weight indication kit).

Customised Information for Heavy Vehicle Lifts

One of the great features of the ebright Smart Control System is the customised data that can be displayed and accessed during each vehicle lift. At every moment, you are fully informed and able to make immediate adjustments to settings when necessary.

On-screen display during lift operation:

  • Shows the selected mode for Single, All or Pair operation
  • Displays selected mode for All, Fixed or Movable operation (Diamondlift models)
  • Specifies how many columns are in the set (up to 32 columns)
  • Actual lifting height displayed
  • Can manually adjust the lowering speed via touch screen
  • Battery status information
  • Customizable ID-Key to prevent unauthorised operation
  • Real-time warning and failure notifications

Consideration: The system is regularly updated and features can vary between models. We recommend confirming available features with your distributor (Genesis Equipment in Australia) before purchasing.

Additional Safety Features

The Stertil-Koni ebright Smart Control System provides hydraulic systems with an extra level of safety through its unique user ID-key system.

By making sure that all users are qualified and trained to operate your hydraulic lifts reduces the chance of accidents happening in the workshop. 

You can configure the ebright Smart Control System with the individual owner and user information to prevent the unauthorised operation of your machinery.

The user ID key protects against unauthorised use and keeps your team safe.

Optional upgrade of weight indication kit allows display of axle weight indication during a lift.


Stertil-Koni offers the ebright Smart Control System across many of its models of heavy duty vehicle lift models, including:

  • Mobile Column Lifts (Wireless, Cable and Earthlift models)
  • Inground Ecolifts (Scissor lift)
  • Inground Diamondlift with frame (Column lift)
  • Inground Diamondlift with cassette (Column lift)
  • Skylift

Stertil-Koni believes that control and access to information are the keys to safety and efficiency when lifting heavy vehicles. With its feature-rich interface, The Stertil-Koni ebright Smart Control System allows you and your team to “keep everything under control”.

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