The Heavy Duty Platform Lift That Every Heavy Vehicle Workshop Needs


September 2, 2021

The Heavy Duty Platform Lift That Every Heavy Vehicle Workshop Needs

Stertil-Koni Platform SKYLIFT (Heavy Duty Platform Lift)

The Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT is a fully hydraulic platform lift for heavy vehicle workshops and provides a “clear floor concept” with a completely vertical rise without any horizontal offset. 

A truly space-saving premium heavy-duty vehicle platform lift compared to a conventional parallelogram and other platform lifts. 

The product’s elegant design includes: 

  • two independent platforms
  • vertical lifting
  • there are no crossbeams
  • no overhang
  • no base frame

It provides free access from all sides with easy installation and minimal maintenance.

The Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT is a high quality and robustly constructed platform lift. The top plates are not welded together like many conventional platform lifts on the market and are built out of one full piece of steel, making the SKYLIFT very strong and durable.

Complete Freedom of Movement and Safety

Stertil-Koni’s SKYLIFT is perfect for inspection, preventive maintenance, and service work, thanks to its robust construction and effective design. It keeps your workshop floor free from obstacles and safety hazards.

The SKYLIFT provides an easy “drive-on” and “drive-off”, with complete freedom of movement and easy accessibility under and around the elevated vehicle. This allows the mechanic to move freely under the platforms. 

Why choose SKYLIFT for Your Heavy Vehicle Workshop? 

SKYLIFT heavy duty platform lift is versatile and delivers a high return on investment with low installation costs, low-to-no maintenance, and maximum versatility. 

The Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT does not require a pit, so it can also be dismantled in the event of a move to a new workshop location if needed. 

SKYLIFT is available in a wide range of models – included an outdoor specific wash bay model – and each with its lifting capacity (20,000kg/25,000kg/35,000kg). 


  • ANSI/ALI-ALCTV Certified
  • CE certified
  • Vertical lifting
  • Programmable lifting height (up to 1.75 metres)
  • 90 seconds lifting time
  • Various platform lengths, up to 14.5m
  • Tandem configuration available
  • Manual override lowering in case of power failure
  • Low voltage control box
  • Independent mechanical locking, beginning at 90mm above floor level


  • A completely vertical lifting operation
  • Easy access Y-shaped construction
  • Maximum vehicle access
  • Extra flexibility for very long vehicles
  • Automatic protection against overloading

Suitable for All Heavy-Duty Workshop Situations

Choose from one of three styles depending on your workshop needs.

Flush Mounted 

  • Flush with the floor for easy drive-on, ideal for low clearance city transit buses. 
  • Lifting height of 1.75 metres due to unique longer-leg construction. 
  • No protruding obstacles on the workshop floor. 
  • A strong and safe galvanised recess cover plate system allows workshop equipment to be easily moved, such as toolboxes, Transmission Jacks and Axle Stands. 
  • The only cover plate system that can cope with loads of up to and including 1,500 kg.

Semi-Flush Mounted 

  • Shallow recess construction thus reduced construction costs in existing building situations. 
  • Does not require a pit. 
  • Easy drive-on for low clearance vehicles like buses or commercial vehicles with side skirts.

Surface Mounted 

  • Low drive-on height of only 350 mm. 
  • Ideal for existing workshop situations. 
  • Fewer floor anchors required than conventional surface-mounted platform lifts. 
  • Easy to install, no additional construction work required. 
  • Standard versatile drive-on ramps supplied for smooth drive-on, suitable for all types of vehicles.

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