How To Dispose of Engine Oil (and create extra income too!)


July 14, 2022

How To Dispose of Engine Oil (and create extra income too!)

How to Dispose of Engine Oil

In a workshop environment, one thing is inevitable – there will be hazardous material and waste liquids to dispose of.  In Australia, used oils are classified as Prescribed Industrial Wastes and include:

  • Engine oil / Sump oil
  • Machine oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Turbine oil
  • Coolant oils
  • Quenching oils
  • Oily water
  • Oil filters
  • Oily sludge
  • Blackjack grease

It is illegal to dump these materials into landfills or waterways.

Today, more than ever, considering the environmental impact of disposing of such materials is paramount. Gone are the days of pouring things down the drain and forgetting about them!  Environmental pollution is a growing issue that industry cannot afford to ignore.

Business owners are more accountable than ever for the waste they produce, and compliance with local laws and regulations can be an expensive process.

According to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, around 500 million litres of lubricating oil are sold annually in Australia, generating at least 250 million litres of waste oil.

Used Oil Recycling Facilities

Of course, the many types of hazardous fluids, liquids and oils vary significantly from industry to industry.  The common thread is that all of them must be disposed of ethically and legally.

A little-known fact is that used engine oil, aka sump oil, can actually be cleaned and reused – as an industrial burner oil or hydraulic oil, as an ingredient for other products or even re-refined and used again as lubricating oil. It makes sense then to collect and store the oil you drain from machinery and engines in your workshop. 

Local councils offer used oil recycling at refuse stations and government facilities, where you deliver the used oil to them yourself.  A thorough list of recycling plants in Brisbane can be found here.

Well-known automotive retailer Supercheap Auto also has an in-store oil recycling program for consumers and small-scale mechanics workshops.

Oil Storage and Collection Services

One option that many businesses choose is to have their oil collected by a professional service that specialises in storing and disposing of the waste.  This offers the added convenience of picking up directly from your business at regular intervals, removing the need for large storage areas and time for staff to transport the hazardous liquid. 

The Australian Government Product Stewardship for Oil (PSO) Scheme provides financial incentives to encourage industries to manage their oil waste in an environmentally sustainable way.

The introduction of this scheme in 2001 has seen oil recycling in Australia increase to a level where more than half of the oil sold each year is now collected and recycled. 

Some oil collection services and oil refuse stations also accept/collect oil filters, oily rags, and plastic oil containers. 

Here is a list of specialised oil and storage and collection services that can visit your business to assist in recycling your waste oil:

The Cleanaway automotive waste oil and recycling collection service also includes engine oil filter recycling, leading us to a discussion about Oil Filter Crushers.

Oil Filter Crushers

Is your business “crushing it”? Disposing of engine oil and oil filters becomes easy with an oil filter crusher in your workshop.  This underrated piece of equipment allows you to crush used oil filters and squeeze out and collect 95% of residual oil.

Upon crushing, used oil filters are reduced to just 20% of their original size, vastly increasing your storage capacity and productivity and satisfying environmental considerations.

In under 20 seconds, you have a no-mess solution for oil collection, ethical disposal of used oil filters and an opportunity to make additional income from selling the used oil and filters.

The Ranger RP-20FC, with its included stand, can house collection tanks that can store up to 250 litres of oil before changing.

Ethical, Legal Waste Oil Disposal Made Easy

The team at Genesis takes the issue of how to dispose of engine oil very seriously.  We have chosen to stock the Ranger brand of oil filter crushers backed by premium features, unbeatable quality and an industry-leading warranty.

We invite you to contact Steve or Levi today to discuss your needs and have your workshop operate ethically and sustainably today.

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