Tyre Changer Machine Makes Tractor and Truck Tyre Changing Easy


September 23, 2021

Tyre Changer Machine Makes Tractor and Truck Tyre Changing Easy

Tyre Changer Machine – SICAM JUMBO TCS60

The Sicam Jumbo TCS60 tyre changer machine is an essential piece of workshop equipment for agricultural and off the road vehicles.

This universal tyre changer offers a wide application range. You can use it to quickly and effectively change tyres measuring up to 2.9 metres high and weighing up to 2.8 tonnes and a maximum wheel width of 1460mm.

The versatile Sicam TCS60 tyre changer machine is suitable for:

  •  Light agricultural vehicles
  •  Heavy-duty agricultural vehicles
  • Skidders and OTR
  •  Trucks and trailers

A Tyre Changer Machine With Impressive Safety Features

An electric motor drives the accurate and safe patented 6 jaws chuck (clamping system).

The chuck also offers a bi-directional rotation function and double speed rotation for safe operation with various wheel sizes.

Heavy Duty Capability

Offering over 4 tonnes of bead breaker force, the high-quality TCS60 makes light work of separating a heavy-duty tyre from its rim.  

The TCS60 tyre changing machine also offers a clamping capacity of up to 154cm (60 inches) with extension, one of several accessories available.

Easy Tool Setup

Smart design and movement are controlled by the hydraulic system and provide side to side with fast function for tool setup.

The quick tool setup is fully controlled through the remote unit with tangency positioning, and this is another patented feature unique to Sicam.

For even greater flexibility, the tyre changer can be operated wireless mobile remote control in the “R” variant (model).

Accessory Options

The following special wheels accessories are available for the TCS60:

  •  Light alloy wheel adaptors 56”
  • Centre hold adaptors from 80mm
  •  Caterpillar adaptors
  •  Extensions Kit
  • Adaptors for thick rims

Sicam TCS60 Technical Information

Rim size: 14” – 60” inch

Min clamping diameter: 115 mm

Max Tyre diameter: 2900 mm

Max tyre width: 1460 mm

Bead breaker force – Max: 4.1 ton

Hydraulic control unit motor: 2.5-3.5 Hp

Gearbox motor: 3-4 Hp

Chuck rotation speed: Double. 1V – 4.5rpm; 2 V – 9pm. 

Power supply: 400V

Dimensions: (W*H*L) 2800*2080*2700 mm

Weight: 1750 kg

About Sicam

Sicam is internationally renowned for its wheel balancers and truck tyre changer machines, with the Jumbo TCS60 helping service and maintain heavy vehicles and agricultural equipment with ease.

Genesis Equipment is the exclusive Australian distributor of Sicam. The TCS60 tyre changer is a prime example of Genesis’ commitment to providing quality agricultural workshop solutions. They aim to tick all the boxes for safety, while being usable for a wide range of vehicles for maximum ROI.

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