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Using a Truck Tyre Inflation Cage To Inflate Tyres Safely

The Sicam truck tyre inflation cage inflation cage is a device that provides an effective solution for safety during tyre inflation. 

Introducing the Sicam Truck Tyre Inflation Cage  Changing a truck tyre is not as simple or as safe as people may think. According to, Australian workers have been killed or seriously injured during a tyre explosion whilst changing a tyre. Many have suffered permanent hearing or eyesight damage from the force of the sudden release of air […]

Tyre Changer Machine Makes Tractor and Truck Tyre Changing Easy

The Sicam Jumbo TCS60 tyre changer machine makes tractor and truck tyre changing easy.

Tyre Changer Machine – SICAM JUMBO TCS60 The Sicam Jumbo TCS60 tyre changer machine is an essential piece of workshop equipment for agricultural and off the road vehicles. This universal tyre changer offers a wide application range. You can use it to quickly and effectively change tyres measuring up to 2.9 metres high and weighing […]