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10 Ways To Use A Column Lift

The Stertil-Koni range of mobile column lifts is extremely versatile. Here are 10 different ways you can use a column lift for heavy vehicle applications.

10 Ways To Use A Column Lift – Let’s talk about mobile column lifts.  They just may be the most versatile option for lifting heavy vehicles on the market today. Stertil-Koni products are known for their excellence in engineering, premium components and enhanced safety features, but let’s not overlook their versatility.  Simply put, there is […]

Introducing the Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift

The Stertil-Koni RF Wagonlift is the first of its kind in the rolling stock market, and its features will increase safety and productivity in your workshop.

Genesis Equipment: Exclusive Australian Distributor of Stertil-Koni Rail Products We shared the exciting news in our previous post that Genesis Equipment was recently appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor for Stertil-Koni rail lift products. Our 5-year exclusive distribution agreement for the rail products is the only one of its kind in the world, and we […]

Stertil-Koni Exclusive Australian Rail Distributor – Genesis Equipment

Genesis Equipment has been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor for the Stertil-Koni range of rail lift products.

Announcement – Genesis Equipment Secures Exclusive Australian Distribution Rights Stertil-Koni Rail Genesis Equipment has some exciting news to share. We have been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor for the Stertil-Koni range of rail lift products. Genesis is extremely pleased to now have the Stertil-Koni rail lifts under our banner to cater for the rail sector. It means that […]

Heavy Vehicle Lift – Mobile Column Lifts – The Ultimate in Versatility

The Stertil-Koni range of mobile column lifts are the only heavy vehicle lift you’ll ever need.

Heavy Vehicle Lift – In a busy workshop, there is always a lot of activity. The means that you need versatility, reliability, and maximum safety features in all equipment.  You need to know that you can trust your tools, so productivity meets demand when the pressure is on. For a workshop to thrive, you must […]

ebright Smart Control System (for Heavy Vehicle Hoists)

The Stertil-Koni ebright Smart Control System for heavy vehicle hoists and hydraulic lift operation keeps you safe and in control.

ebright Smart Control System for Heavy Vehicle Hoists Heavy Vehicle Hoists – When it comes to the business of trucks and lifting heavy vehicles, safety and control are essential. Stertil-Koni is the global leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts. Their signature ebright Smart Control System is available on several hoists, including Mobile Columns, SKYLIFT and […]

How Do You Lift A Truck or Tractor? (All Purpose Lifting Needs)

How Do You Lift A Truck or Heavy Farm Machinery? Tractor on Stertil-Koni Mobile Lift

Farm Machinery Repair Has Never Been Easier How do you lift a truck? Addressing equipment breakdowns and maintenance can seem like a daunting task when it comes to heavy machinery. Something as simple as lifting a truck for easy access and repairs can be a very hazardous situation without the right equipment.  So just how do […]

The Heavy Duty Platform Lift That Every Heavy Vehicle Workshop Needs

The Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT is the space-saving heavy duty platform lift that every heavy vehicle workshop needs.

Stertil-Koni Platform SKYLIFT (Heavy Duty Platform Lift) The Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT is a fully hydraulic platform lift for heavy vehicle workshops and provides a “clear floor concept” with a completely vertical rise without any horizontal offset.  A truly space-saving premium heavy-duty vehicle platform lift compared to a conventional parallelogram and other platform lifts.  The product’s elegant […]

Bus Hoists

Bus Hoists

If you’re in the market for the most reliable and safest bus hoists on the Australian market, speak to the team at Genesis Equipment. Our range of mobile column lifts offer world-leading safety features, superior quality and durability you can rely on. Ideal for bus fleet maintenance or workshops that need to lift any number […]

Heavy Vehicle Hoists for Mines

Heavy Vehicle Hoists for Mines

We understand that safety is paramount for mine operations, and it’s also one of the biggest factors to consider when selecting the right heavy vehicle hoists for mines. Genesis Equipment’s Heavy vehicle mobile column lifts are highly recommended for the mining industry thanks to their robust design and extensive range of safety features which come […]

Truck Dealership Hoists

Truck Dealership Hoists

At Genesis Equipment, we specialise in workshop fitouts and have a range of truck dealership hoists to suit your servicing centre or workshop space, and lifting needs. Mobile column lifts are a great choice when servicing heavy vehicles, due to their durability, compact design and a combined high lifting capacity when used as a set. […]