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At Genesis Equipment, we know that you use multiple brands in your workshop and that finding parts for the different equipment manufacturers can be time consuming and costly. Did you know that we support a full range of parts for the products we sell plus, we can also reliably source parts for most other manufacturer equipment?

Car Hoist Spare Parts

To maintain high performance and enhance the ongoing productivity of your equipment, make sure you are using manufacturer-approved parts – it’ll save you money in the long run.

Our Products:
Lifting Cables
Safety locks & cables
Power Units
Guide Bushes

Lubrication Equipment Parts

To maintain high performance and protect the flow of your workshop lubrication equipment, make sure you always use manufacturer-approved parts. We start when your equipment stops!

Our Products:
Diaphragm Pumps
Air and oil guns
Seals, joints & couplings
Spear Pumps
Service kits

Wheel Service Equipment Parts

To maintain high performance and protect you and your clients, it’s important to use manufacturer-approved parts. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run too.

Our Products:
Tyre covers
Power Units
Wheel rim protector wear items for tyre changers
Cone kits for different wheel sizes
Weights & accessories

You should only want the best for your equipment, with Genesis Equipment, that’s what you’ll get!

With so many manufacturers providing thousands of products for automotive workshop equipment, sometimes finding the right part can be a real nightmare, especially if you need parts from multiple manufacturers.

When even one piece of your equipment stops working due to a broken part you have to ring around from store to store, or try your luck direct with the manufacturer, even after all that you might still be stuck for a critical part.

Why not let someone else go through all that time and trouble? Like a team with the resources and the contacts to get you the right part for the right price.

Our dedicated spare parts division specialises in sourcing and delivering spare parts for multiple brands of automotive workshop equipment.

Whether you need a solenoid, safety release cable, carriage guide, roller, nut, pad, switch or seal kit, we have you covered, and we are not limited by brand. Our close relationship with manufacturers allows us to source multiple parts from a wide range of brands, including but not limited to;

Werther International Vehicle Lifts
Hermann AG Inground Car Lifts
Cornish Lubrication Services

And, if we don’t already have it in stock, we do the ringing around for you! We get in touch with our vast local and international manufacturer contacts and do our level best to find the perfect part that gets you and your team back on track.

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