Inground Car Lifting Equipment German Manufacturer

Founded in 1971, HERMANN has a focus on passenger cars and transporter hoisting technology and has built a broad international network of distributors that now includes Australia and New Zealand.

Through its dedicated employees, HERMANN has always demonstrated inventiveness, professionalism and commitment to technology and safety that has enabled it to reach an unmatched status in this field and to win credibility as a specialist vehicle lift manufacturer.

When you purchase a Herrmann AG lift, you are also connecting with Australasia’s leading Workshop Equipment Supplier, Genesis Equipment. Together with Genesis and our combined global manufacturer network, we can offer a genuine whole of business solution, from equipment and parts, through to maintenance, servicing and comprehensive workshop fit outs.

Herrmann AG in partnership with Genesis, will introduce the range to the Australian and New Zealand markets, including a dedicated servicing department.

Backed by our commitment to deliver the highest quality workmanship, service and equipment for your needs anywhere in Australia, you can rely on Genesis Equipment to deliver the best job for the right price.

Get in touch with one of our hoist specialists today and discover the Herrmann AG difference for yourself.