Equipment for the Mining Industry

Genesis Equipment offers a high-quality selection of mining industry hoisting solutions to assist with equipment servicing, with both readymade and made to order equipment available. Mining in Australia requires high-quality and well maintained equipment that works safely and effectively at all times. To ensure mining machinery and equipment operates correctly, servicing and maintenance must be performed regularly.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Vehicle lifts – 4 post lifts, mobile column lifts, inground lifts and scissor lifts
  • Wheel service equipment – Wheel balancers, tyre changing machines and wheel alignment machines
  • Workshop equipment – all other workshop equipment

Solutions to Ensure Mining Machinery Is in Working Order

We offer a range of hoisting equipment plus a variety of other solutions that offer convenience and enhanced safety for all your mining equipment servicing and maintenance needs. From heavy vehicle workshop equipment to hydraulic jacking beams, our equipment is designed to accommodate a wide range of requirements. If you’re in need of a more tailored solution that better fits your needs, speak to our experienced staff about how we can customise a solution for you.

Key Requirements

  • Ease of use
  • Efficiency of use increasing productivity
  • Peace of mind with reliability
  • 5 Star support reducing stress and downtime
  • High safety standard reducing risk of accidents
  • Professional looking equipment
  • Ergonomically designed to deliver a professional looking workshop