Equipment for the Rail Industry

At Genesis Equipment, we provide our customers the equipment they need to ensure servicing and maintenance is safe and hassle-free. It’s important that trains, train carriages and rail industry machinery undergo regular servicing in order to meet all performance and safety standards.

Our available solutions include:

  • Vehicle lifts – Mobile Column lifts
  • Workshop equipment – all other workshop equipment

Superior Quality Lifting and Hoisting Systems for the Rail Industry

Genesis Equipment is Australia’s leading designer and supplier of hoisting and lifting equipment. For years, we’ve delivered practical solutions that enable routine maintenance and servicing to be conducted on rail carriages and equipment. We offer a range of readymade lifting systems and can also work directly with you to design a customised solution that’s specifically tailored to the needs of your business.

Whether you work on components for the rail industry and you’re looking for a practical hoisting system to make your job easier, or you perform maintenance and servicing on train carriages and require a customised solution that accommodates your needs, get in touch with Genesis Equipment today.

Key Requirements

  • Ease of use
  • Efficiency of use increasing productivity
  • Peace of mind with reliability
  • 5 Star support reducing stress and downtime
  • High safety standard reducing risk of accidents
  • Professional looking equipment
  • Ergonomically designed to deliver a professional looking workshop