Equipment for Transport – Truck & Bus

Genesis Equipment not only provides essential servicing and maintenance equipment, but can also work with you to design effective solutions that ensure your fleet of trucks or buses is capable of meeting key requirements such as safety, performance and economy. As with any machinery or mechanical equipment, it’s important to regularly service transportation vehicles to ensure they continue working optimally. Genesis Equipment can come to your warehouse or workshop and install the necessary equipment that helps get your truck or bus back on the road sooner rather than later.

Our available solutions include:

  • Vehicle lifts – 4 post lifts, mobile column lifts, inground lifts and scissor lifts
  • Wheel service equipment – Wheel balancers, tyre changing machines and wheel alignment machines
  • Workshop equipment – all other workshop equipment

When it comes to fitting out your workshop for the equipment you need rather than simply the equipment you want, Genesis has the solutions you need − including both readymade and custom options that are designed to your specifications. From heavy vehicle workshop fitouts to the installation of an 8 or 12 tonne 4 post truck hoist, we offer solutions to ensure your vehicles continue to operate at their best.

If you work in the transportation industry and want to discuss your needs with us, contact Genesis Equipment today.

Key Requirements

  • Ease of use
  • Efficiency of use increasing productivity
  • Peace of mind with reliability
  • 5 Star support reducing stress and downtime
  • High safety standard reducing risk of accidents
  • Professional looking equipment
  • Ergonomically designed to deliver a professional looking workshop