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Frame Extensions


SKU: 5620291

QuickJack’s TL frame extension kit increases the lift point spread of the 5000TL, 7000TL, BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX by 6 inches. Sold as a pair, these easy-to-use, removable adapters require no setup whatsoever. They’re rugged, lightweight and give a TL or older SLX model the same reach as an extended-length TLX model.


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Instantly increase QuickJack’s versatility

When you own multiple vehicles, you probably use each one for a different purpose. There’s your daily driver, your racer, your hotrod, your truck, etc. QuickJack is an extremely versatile car lift, but QuickJack’s standard, 60″ lift point spread won’t cover everything. With this new QuickJack accessory, you will now be able to accommodate OEM jack points that are spread farther apart than the current TL and SLX models allow. These easy-to-use extensions make it convenient and safe to gain up to 6″ of extra reach and 1.5″ of extra lifting height. It’s just as easy to remove and return your TL or older SLX to its regular state. This is the ideal QuickJack accessory for anyone with multiple vehicles and a variance of chassis measurements.

A perfect fit

The frame extension adapters drop snugly into QuickJack’s lift trays. There’s no guesswork as to how the adapter fits on the frame: rugged, welded, tubular steel standoffs (found on the bottom of each adapter), slide perfectly against the edges of QuickJack’s rubber block trays. At just 32.5 lbs. each, the adapters are lightweight enough to pick up and carry. Once the extenders are in place, set QuickJack’s rubber blocks in the trays just as you would when using frames alone. CAUTION: While the adapters are designed to be snug and secure in the lift tray, they are not meant to serve as a handles when rolling the QuickJack around. DO NOT attempt to roll your QuickJack frames with extensions in place.


  • (2) Frame extension adapters with 66″ lift point spread each
  • Rugged 14-gauge steel construction
  • Welded tubular steel standoffs for lift tray placement
  • Easy to carry
  • Fits 5000TL and 7000TL models
  • Fits the BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX models


5620291 QJ Extension
5620291 QJ Extension
A - Length

66.25" (1,683 mm)

B - Frame rail height

1" (25 mm)

C - Lowered height (attached)

4.5" (114 mm)

D - Max. lift point spread

66" (1,676 mm)

E - Min. lift point spread

37.5" (953 mm)

F - Width

7.5" (191 mm)

What's Inside?

2x TL frame extension adapters

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