Drum Storage and Spill Control

Spill Containment Systems

Spills of fluids can happen in a workshop at any time due to inattention or containers that have either corroded or not been closed properly. These spills have the potential to affect one employee or the entire staff, depending on what has been spilt. What is crucial in this case, after tending to the workers who have been affected, is containing the spill in order to minimise the potential for extensive damage. While spill containment systems can aid in cleaning up the damage, a strong and sturdy drum storage system from Genesis Equipment has a better chance at preventing spills altogether and can confine any spillage to the containment zone.

Oil Drum Spill Containment Made Easy

Keep all chemicals, cleaning agents, oils and other potentially dangerous fluids secure and separate from other tools of the job with an easy to install, safe and convenient drum storage system from Genesis Equipment. We offer a range of sizes to accommodate different weight capacities, and with trays underneath to catch all spills, leaks and drips, it makes for one of the most effective spill containment systems on the market.

Oil drum spill containment has never been so easy. If you’re looking for quality spill containment equipment in Queensland for your workshop fit out, be sure to get in touch with Genesis Equipment today.