Exhaust Fume Extraction

Exhaust Fume Extractor

When you work in an industry that generates a lot of dust or exhaust fumes, or in an environment where the fumes or dust can remain in the atmosphere for a long time, it’s imperative for the health and safety of employees that there are dust and fume extraction systems in place to remove contaminants and ensure clean, fresh air. This is particularly important in workshops that concentrate on the manufacture or repair of vehicles, or use materials that have gathered dust over time. This is where the Genesis dust and exhaust fume extractor can be crucial to your workplace. We’re proud to supply a heavy duty industrial fume extraction system that offers versatility and high performance.

Why Choose Genesis Equipment?

Like all equipment we sell, the Genesis exhaust fume extractor is all about providing the most effective solutions for a particular need. As a leading fume extraction system manufacturer in Brisbane, we understand the need for a user-friendly and OH&S-friendly solution that promotes optimal health for employees across a vast range of industries. We offer a comprehensive warranty as well for complete peace of mind.

For superior workshop or vehicle exhaust extraction in Queensland, you can trust Genesis Equipment to provide you with the solution you need for your workshop fit out.