Explore our wide range of top quality car lifts, perfect for the Australian automotive industry. Vehicle lift manufacturers Genesis Equipment provide high-quality, cost-effective and durable vehicle lifts, with different sizing and capacity options, specifically designed for the hard-working workshops across our nation.

High Quality and Durable Vehicle Lifts and Hoists

Explore the widest range of quality vehicle lifts and hoist options available on the market with Genesis Equipment. Offering high-quality, durable and Australian certified vehicle lift solutions, our vehicle lifts are specifically designed for the busy automotive industry.

Whatever the required lifting capacity, you’ll find the perfect car, truck or vehicle lift to tackle the jobs you throw at it. Superior engineering, quality craftsmanship, we stock only the best, which is why we’re fast becoming Australia’s leading vehicle lift manufacturers for automotive workshops and businesses. When you’re looking for your next vehicle lift for the garage, look no further than Genesis Equipment.

Vehicle Lifts you can rely on…

Genesis delivers the widest range of top quality industry certified vehicle lifts for garages available for the Australian automotive industry. With configurations to meet every car hoist and truck hoist workshop requirement, the Genesis vehicle lift range has the flexibility you need.

From ceiling height constraints to floor space restrictions, Genesis has a vehicle lift that can make the most of your space while still offering the lift capacity you need to get the job done. Safety, reliability and durability are paramount in the automotive industry, so Genesis only offers the top global manufacturing brand vehicle lifts, giving you the trust and confidence that our equipment will keep your business moving.

Each car lift and truck hoist supplied by Genesis comes standard with our nationwide support services, solid warranties, and access to spare parts as and when you need them. Our dedicated and experienced service and support team back up our quality equipment, so you can be confident you’ve made the right choice for the future of your workshop.

Genuine, Hardworking Vehicle Lifts

As a business owner, quality is critical to your overall productivity and profitability. The last thing you want is unnecessary downtime affecting your productivity and bottom line. What would it cost you to repair a range of 2 post car lifts or even worse, 4 post car lifts, because you wanted to save a little on your initial investment? How would it affect your reputation if they caused damage to your client’s cars? These questions reinforce why it’s never worth the risk as a business owner to invest in inferior hoist options.

Even for those who don’t run commercial based workshops, quality is still extremely important when making a vehicle lift for a residential garage. You want to save time and increase your productivity. Constant breakdowns, unreliability, compromised engineering − it’s not worth taking the chance. Settle for a more advanced, quality product the first time.

Genesis Equipment will only ever offer you legitimate brand names, qualified in the automotive vehicle lifts industry. You can be certain that when you make a purchase with us, you’re getting quality for your money and a genuine vehicle hoist solution that is the best in its field.

Buying from a reputable company like Genesis gives you confidence that whatever you purchase with us, it is from a legitimate globally qualified and Australian certified automotive lift manufacturer, not a cheap imitation. We source our equipment only from trusted, known manufacturers who are long established in the automotive industry due to their professionalism and excellence in quality. We guarantee when you buy with us, you’ll get the genuine product and real value for your money. Our products are designed to work just as hard as you do while our vehicle lift installer expertise is beyond comparison.