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Genesis delivers the best range of top quality, industry certified 2 post car hoist lifts available for the Australian automotive industry. With configurations to meet any garage requirement, a Genesis 2 post car lift will be the perfect addition to your busy workshop.

Our electro mechanical 2 post lifts provide a range of lifting capacities from 4,200kg to 6,000kg. These durable hoists are designed to handle any vehicle lifting application, delivering excellent performance and stability to keep your workshop moving.

Don’t Leave Your Servicing and Certification to Chance

With our 34-point checklist and manufacturer trained servicing technicians, you can be confident that your workshop equipment will work when you need it to, with the minimum downtime! Ask us about our servicing and certification support packages today and keep your workshop moving.


The Genesis range of 2 post car lifts is the most reliable in Australia, boasting the highest quality and durability without crowding your floor as you work beneath it. Featuring Australian certification, leading-edge technology and advanced engineering, a powerful and secure 2 post car lift is the perfect addition to your workshop. All our products feature a long list of available options, as well as impressive features coming standard with each vehicle lift.

Built well above normal safety standard requirements, our vehicle lifts are durable and reliable, providing the confidence you need when working under any sized vehicle. Designed to withstand the testing environment of a mechanical workshop, our range of car lifts are of industrial strength. This ensures all of our options can manage the hardest of jobs with ease, each and every time, year after year.

Built with ease-of-use as the foremost consideration, they are perfect for workshops with limited space but busy workloads, enabling you to increase efficiency and productivity. 2 post car lifts give smaller workshops a cost-effective piece of equipment, helping you to maintain a constant flow of clients and offering you the opportunity for lower operating costs than their larger vehicle car lift counterparts.

Considerations for vehicle lifts

When opting for 2 post car lift installation, there are multiple factors that need to be considered. Below are three quick points to keep in mind while browsing through our range of Australia’s top quality 2 post vehicle lifts:

Workshop and garage size: When organising 2 post car lift installation, measure your workshop to make sure your new car hoist will fit in the available space. This includes checking ceiling height and access width. Don’t forget you will also need room to operate and install the vehicle lift, so it’s always better to give yourself a little more space than needed. Remember to take into account remote panel/garage doors, benches and anything else they may physically obstruct moving the hoist into its desired location.

Installation space: Installation space: In the chosen installation area, a 2 post car lift requires a concrete base thick enough to support and secure the frame. Check the installation requirements of your chosen lift to ensure your concrete space and thickness will be sufficient. Double check your concrete is also in good condition, with no major cracks before installing.

Power conditions:  Your vehicle lift will need to be wired for power. Depending on your situation and car lift selection, it may be better to talk to an electrician for assistance and to understand your workshop power setup and logistics.