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Representing the very best quality in the industry, the Genesis Equipment 4 post car lift range is designed specifically for Australian workshops. Optimised for performance, safety and control, the advanced hydraulic systems deliver efficient productivity and extended operational abilities for your demanding workshop needs. Our electro-hydraulic 4 post lifts have been designed and created to handle even the toughest jobs in the automotive industry.


We know how comprehensive and detailed you are when it comes to servicing your clients, so it’s only fair you get the same treatment when you’re in the customer’s seat. Our manufacturer- trained technicians comply with a 34-point ‘maintenance and servicing’ checklist that ensures you receive the same level of attention and care that you’d give your own clients. Protect yourself and your business by making sure your 4 post car hoist meets all required standards by having it serviced and maintained by qualified industry professionals.

Don’t Leave Your Servicing and Certification to Chance

With our 34-point checklist and manufacturer trained servicing technicians, you can be confident that your workshop equipment will work when you need it to, with the minimum downtime! Ask us about our servicing and certification support packages today and keep your workshop moving.


Genesis Equipment offers a range of quality 4 post lifts, with models designed for lightweight vehicles and requiring no special foundations for quick and easy installation, with capacity for truck lifts for your bigger jobs. Whether you run a full-service automotive workshop and require 4 post car lift installation on your premises, or you are a hobbyist wanting to take your interest to the next level, we can work with you to find the most suitable model for your needs.

Perfect for maximising limited floor area, the Genesis range of 4 post car hoists make light work of heavy lifting, utilising only quality materials to deliver durability, dependability, and low maintenance over the life of the unit. Available for delivery across Australia, you are sure to find a 4 post wheel alignment lift to suit your requirements.

Genesis Equipment has a commitment to safety and giving our clients peace of mind. Our electro-hydraulic 4 post lift range employs a range of safety features in every model, with features such as push-button pneumatics for quick release of independent safety locks, and top-quality construction and materials you can depend on when you need a larger vehicle lift or truck lifting solution.

We pride ourselves on providing quality vehicle lifts at the best prices, with an emphasis on service and client satisfaction. Talk to us today about choosing the right heavy lifting equipment for your workshop.

Why Choose Our 4 Post Lifts?

Every 4 post car lift or 4 post truck lift in our range offers unprecedented safety and support; perfect for working on larger vehicles. If you want to ensure your vehicle lift is safe for your team to work under and will stay stable and in place, the 4 post lift is the perfect choice.

With a range of vehicle lift options available on the market, knowing if a 4 post car hoist is the best solution for your garage depends on your individual requirements. One of the main benefits of a 4 post lift is it allows for fast servicing and quick turnarounds. You can avoid having to locate and adjust lifting points and simply drive a vehicle up the hoist’s ramps where it will be ready for all your general service work.

If you’re planning on doing a lot of wheel servicing or alignments, a 4 post wheel alignment lift may be your best option. Using our jacking beams, you can directly lift the back or front of a vehicle from the ramp, giving great access to the wheels and their arches.

Talk to our team of specialists today to find out if a 4 post lift is the ideal solution for your workshop’s needs.