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Lubrication is essential for prolonging the life of your workplace machinery. Machinery of course isn’t just a single piece of componentry on its own, but a number of smaller components each made up of many small parts, all working with each other in order to perform a more complex task. Once lubrication has been applied to a particular component and covers the entire surface – even the hard to reach places – it creates a protective film that helps to minimise friction between parts, and therefore reduces the onset of unnecessary wear and tear. Combined with quality lubrication equipment, the right lubrication can add years to the life of your workshop machinery or vehicle engine. If you’d like expert advice on machinery or automotive lube services for your workshop fit out, there’s no better time than now to get in touch with Genesis Equipment.

Get Superior Quality Lube Service Equipment from Genesis

When it comes to essential equipment for automotive lube services, you can trust Genesis Equipment to accommodate your needs. From drain pans to jacks, drip trays, measuring equipment and much more, we make it easy to find all your essential lube service equipment in one convenient location.

Proudly serving businesses of all types in both metropolitan and regional Queensland, when you’re looking for a comprehensive lube service or even just the equipment to do it yourself, you’ll find it at Genesis Equipment.