Quick Jack

Quick Jack

Durable vehicle lifts

Explore our wide range of top quality vehicle lifts, perfect for the Australian automotive industry. Genesis Equipment provides high quality, cost effective and durable vehicle lifts, with different sizing and capacity options, specifically designed for the hard working workshops across our nation.

High Quality and Durable Vehicle Lifts and Hoists

Explore the widest range of quality vehicle lifts and hoist options available on the market with Genesis Equipment. Offering high quality, durable and Australian certified vehicle lift solutions, our vehicle lifts are specifically designed for the busy automotive industry.

Whatever the required lifting capacity, you’ll find the perfect car, truck or vehicle lift to tackle the jobs you throw at it. Superior engineering, quality craftsmanship, we stock only the best, which is why we’re fast becoming Australia’s leading vehicle lift professionals for automotive workshops and businesses. When you’re looking for your next car lift, look no further than Genesis Equipment.