Garage Car Stackers – How Many Cars Can You Fit in Your Garage?


February 2, 2022

Garage Car Stackers – How Many Cars Can You Fit in Your Garage?

Garage Car Stackers – What are they, and how can you get one? 

Garage Car Stackers – We know that the image above is not your average home garage! We also know that many of us wish that it was!   

Even so, for those of us who are not millionaires, we might still ask the question – how many cars CAN you fit in your garage? 

When you learn about garage car stackers, you may be surprised by the.  Produced by BendPak Equipment, this range of car hoists allow you to lift and store cars above each other. This maximises the storage space in your garage. 

Also known as “Platform Parking Lifts” or “Auto Stackers”, this type of storage solution is suited to both commercial and home garages. 

Bendpak Garage Car Stackers

Benefits of Installing a Parking Lift in Your Home Garage 

Most home garages are cluttered and small on space.  Making use of a multi-level parking lift can overcome this.  With many families having multiple vehicles to store, utilising available space in your garage can get your cars off the street and safely stored. 

The Autostacker range is purposefully designed to suit smaller spaces with lower ceiling heights. Even single garages can accommodate multiple vehicles with this ingenious piece of engineering! 

By doubling or even tripling your garage’s vehicle capacity, you can protect your investments from inclement weather, theft and damage. 
Learn more about the benefits of parking lifts at home here. 

Benefits of Parking Lifts in Your Workshop and Commercial Premises 

Boasting individually controlled platforms, and a sleek, modern design, investing in a BendPak parking lift (garage car stackers) for your workshop or workplace makes sense. 

Double or even triple storage capacity, and save time when moving vehicles. This gives your customer the best experience possible that will translate to more money in your pocket. 

Time is everything these days, and additional parking space so that you can get more vehicles in and out the door will save time and increase your revenue.  No more juggling piles of keys or needing multiple staff to perform complicated vehicle moving manoeuvres. Just raise or lower the platform you need and drive the vehicle right in (or out!). 

You can find even more benefits for your business in this article about BendPak Parking Lifts for businesses. 

Bendpak Garage Stackers are available in many configurations to suit all kinds of garages and workshops.

Multiple Configurations Available to Suit Every Garage or Workshop Environment 

There are endless options available to suit various applications and workshop environments when it comes to lifting vehicles.  BendPak premium parking lifts follow suit.  Read on to learn about the various configurations of garage car stackers available in the range: 

Two Post Parking Lifts 

Bendpak Two Post Parking Lift

Designed to be ganged together with shared columns to allow you to fit even more vehicles into your space.  They feature a dual-hydraulic cylinder, wide-deck platform and integrated key-activated power switch to provide you with unparalleled convenience and suitability for most spaces.   
Learn more about BendPak Two-Post Parking Lifts here

Four Post Parking Lifts 

Four Post Parking Lift by Bendpak.

Four post parking lifts have a wider footprint than a two-post model but provide you with the capacity to lift heavier vehicles, including light-duty trucks and SUVs. Suitable for commercial and home use to effectively double garage space. Engineered to such a level that they will outlast the vehicles being stored on them. 

View the range of BendPak Four-Post Parking Lifts here. 

Multi-Level Parking Lifts 

Multi-Level (Tri-Level) Parking Lift by Bendpak.

Introducing TRI-LEVEL parking!  Whether you’re a vehicle collector or a commercial parking garage, utilise higher ceilings by fitting BendPak Multi-Level Parking Lifts. 

Available only by special order, the upper platform accommodates vehicles weighing up to 3,175 kgs, and the lower deck handles up to 4,082 kgs. It is a dream come true when searching for the perfect mechanical parking system for sedans, SUVs and full-size trucks. 

The technology found in our Multi-Level Parking Lifts is so unique a global patent is pending on the design.  The adjustable platforms allow you to accommodate vehicles of various heights, a feature unheard of in other models. 

Learn about all of the features of BendPak Multi-Level Parking Lifts here


Bendpak Autostacker Parking Lift

A fully collapsible parking lift suited for spaces with limited ceiling height, Autostackers double the vehicle capacity of a single parking space. 

Click here for full Autostacker Product Information. 

Multi-Platform Parking Lifts  

Multi-Platform Parking Lifts aka Garage Stacker by Bendpak.

Multi-Platform Parking Lifts are the ultimate in versatility.  Their slick design can turn your two-car garage into a four-car garage, or the triple design accommodates up to six vehicles. 

With a wider footprint, you will need more space for this setup. But with one hoist housing up to six vehicles, the benefit is worth it! 

Independent platforms make lowering and raising vehicles a breeze without the need to move every vehicle to access the one you need. 

Keep your workshop completely organised, and your productivity on schedule with BendPak Multi-Platform Parking Lifts. 

Features of BendPak Parking Lifts 

BendPak is well known for leading the industry in quality and precision engineering of its products.  With a slick aesthetic to suit even the most modern workshops, and high-strength galvanized steel platforms, BendPak garage stackers are unsurpassed in quality and convenience. 

Every BendPak parking lift available in Australia feature:  

  • ALI Certification 
  • BendPak’s renowned 5-2-1 Warranty 
  • Heavy-duty steel construction 
  • Multi-level locking positions 
  • Large, stable base plates 
  • Automatic Safety Locks 
  • Electric-hydraulic power system 

So, How Many Cars Can You Fit in Your Garage? 

Call us today, and we can design the best garage car stacker set up for you.  You may be surprised to discover that you have room for that collector car you have always dreamed of. 

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