Jack Me Up, Scotty! What is a Jacking Beam Used For?


July 14, 2022

Jack Me Up, Scotty! What is a Jacking Beam Used For?

Jack Me Up, Scotty! What is a Jacking Beam Used For?

If you’re the owner of a four-post hoist, you may have learned that there is one purpose they are not suitable for – wheel service.  It may seem obvious, but if your vehicle is driven onto a hoist platform, it instantly makes the wheels inaccessible.  A jacking beam (aka rolling bridge jack) overcomes this issue.

With the simple addition of this genius piece of equipment, your four-post hoist instantly becomes a full-service car hoist, significantly increasing its versatility and your workshop service offerings.  You can now store AND service vehicles with a single hoist.

4-Post Jacking Beams for Full Wheel Service

A jacking beam works by sliding between the runways of your hoist and elevating the frame of the vehicle, allowing the wheels to spin freely for servicing.

Across the BendPak rolling bridge jack range, there are models that can accommodate vehicles weighing between 2041kg and 11340kg, each allowing you to service almost every vehicle configuration available, providing it can drive on the four-post hoist.

With the addition of a rolling bridge jack, you can now easily access wheels to provide wheel balancing, wheel alignment and wheel and tyre maintenance services quickly and efficiently.

Versatility to Accommodate a Huge Variety of Vehicles

With two jacking beams, you can raise all four wheels of a vehicle off the hoist runways, or you can use one jack to lift just two wheels (front or back).  So, although a single jacking beam is an effective tool in your workspace, investing in two (a “full set”) effectively replaces the need for a two-post hoist or scissor lift.

Additionally, the roller design is telescopic, so it adjusts to different widths of tyre treads easily.  As such, you can accommodate a large variety of vehicles with just one piece of equipment.

Using an airline kit, both jacks can share one air compressor enabling effortless usage and no need to unplug, move or reconnect hoses.

Jacking Beam vs Rolling Bridge Jack

Across countries and industries, the “Jacking Beam” is often referred to synonymously as a “Rolling Bridge Jack”.  Don’t be confused by the terminology! They are indeed the one and same product.

Bendpak Australia and Bendpak USA generally refer to them as Jacking Beams, and here at Genesis, we list them on our site under Rolling Bridge Jacks.

Regardless of what you choose to call it, this little gem is an essential piece of equipment for anybody with a four-post hoist, expanding and elevating (pun intended!) your capacity to offer a full suite of services to your clients.

With seven different models available across the Bendpak jacking beam range, we invite you to contact us before placing your order so we can discuss your needs and ensure that your investment is 100% fit for your purpose.

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