Brake Lathe

Brake Lathe Service Equipment

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that a vehicle’s brakes have seen better days is when they begin making noises or producing vibrations that are uncharacteristic of their normal performance. These kind of symptoms usually point to one of two problems: either the brake pads and rotor surface are making significantly uneven contact, or there is noticeable rust on the rotor surface. Whatever the case might be, the way to fix the unwanted noise and vibration is to remove the imperfections in the rotor. A brake lathe is the most suitable piece of equipment to smooth out any uneven areas and restore brakes to optimal condition. If you’re looking for affordable brake lathe service equipment for your vehicle, make Genesis Equipment your first point of contact.

Quality Brake Lathe Options to Choose From

Genesis Equipment stocks both types of brake lathe options to accommodate the varied needs in the market. The on-car lathe is the automotive brake lathe you want for convenience and the most accurate reading possible. Meanwhile, the off-car lathe is designed primarily for working in a garage or workshop.

Genesis Equipment can discuss your brake lathe service needs with you to ensure you make the right purchase as part of your workshop fit out. Discover how we can help you today.