Workshop and Engine Cranes for Every Job (Drop and Swap with Ease!)

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July 14, 2022

Workshop and Engine Cranes for Every Job (Drop and Swap with Ease!)

Engine cranes – the little hoist that could!

The old saying “work smarter, not harder” couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to the needs of a mechanics shop.  It goes with the territory that, on a daily basis, there are heavy things that need to be lifted, dropped and swapped! Enter the engine crane (aka engine hoist).

This versatile piece of kit will improve your productivity and reduce injuries.  Gone are the days of launching chains over the rafters of the shed and manual pully systems requiring five staff to activate them.

Engine cranes and hoists use a hydraulic cylinder filled with hydraulic fluid to lift and lower heavy items, usually engines, in and out of engine bays.

Ranger RSC-2TF Engine Crane

Genesis Equipment is the exclusive distributor of the BendPak and Ranger brands here in Australia, and this was not a decision we took lightly.  We strongly believe in all of our brands and require that everything we stock exceeds industry standards in terms of quality, features and safety benchmarks. The Ranger brand embodies this across its range, with premium attributes not found commonly in competitor products.

Let’s take the Ranger RSC-2TF Engine Crane, for example – it is one of the only engine hoists on the market today that features six 360-degree casters for optimal manoeuvrability.  When you’re working in a tight space, making incremental movements to adjust your equipment in any direction can be the difference between hours of work and a few seconds!

Here are some more premium features of this little hoist that could:

  • Designed for shops with limited space
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Heavy steel construction for maximum durability
  • Boom is reinforced to increase strength and eliminate flex
  • Rugged hydraulic cylinder
  • Heavy-duty steel casters for easy positioning
  • Front casters include a safety brake to prevent movement
  • Telescoping boom provides four positions
  • Includes heavy steel hook with safety latch
  • Wide base for maximum stability

Here is an excellent review of the RSC-2TF that looks at the hoist practically within a workshop environment.

What can you do with an engine crane?

Although often referred to as a “hoist”, an engine crane should not be confused with a vehicle or car hoist designed to lift the entire vehicle.

The primary function of an engine hoist is to extract engines from vehicle engine bays. But with a bit of ingenuity, this piece of kit can be utilised for so much more. 

Once attached to the crane, the hydraulic cylinder makes light work of lifting and lowering heavy and oversized objects.  The stability of their wide legs and the addition of castors allows objects to be moved for storage, transporting and relocating.

Different models vary in the weight that they can carry, lift and lower, their portability and stability, but in general, you can use a workshop engine hoist to:

  • Swap engines between vehicles
  • Lift engines from vehicles
  • Drop and lower engines
  • Swap, lift, drop and lower all kinds of heavy objects in a mechanics workshop, car repair shop, or even home garage.

When to replace your engine crane?

You may have found this article because you are looking to replace or upgrade your current engine crane. Like most workshop equipment, engine cranes are built to last; however, after many years of use, you may have noticed a decline in performance, leading you to consider a replacement.

To ensure that your engine crane is continuously operating safely and efficiently, it is crucial to monitor its performance constantly.  These are the things to take note of and indicate a need for replacement:

  • Stiffness in the shaft
  • Hydraulic cylinder becoming soft or exhibiting reduced pressure
  • Wheels locked up or unable to roll
  • Damage or dints to the frame that can cause weakness and instability

These are all indicators that your trusty engine hoist may be on its last legs and in need of replacement. You mustn’t ignore these issues as they can lead to safety hazards and injury to yourself or your staff.

Naturally, the life of your equipment is extended by ensuring that your purchase is always fit for purpose and backed with adequate warranties. Here at Genesis, we specialise in offering advice that makes your dollar go further, your equipment last longer and launches staff productivity through the roof.

Check out our range of Ranger workshop equipment here and contact the team today to discuss your needs.

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