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September 11, 2023

Bendpak 4-Post Heavy-Duty Hoist

1910 Bendpak 4 Post Heavy Duty Hoist

No matter the size or weight of your vehicle, Genesis Equipment has a Bendpak 4-post heavy-duty hoist to suit your needs.  

Favoured by automotive professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, Bendpak is one of the global leaders of vehicle lifts. 

Engineered using the latest technology, Bendpak hoists are synonymous with only the highest quality materials and a focus on safety and performance – so, you’ll never have a problem lifting your vehicle again.  

Genesis Equipment is the exclusive Australian distributor of Bendpak, so read on for more info our 4-post heavy-duty hoists including the features and 7 models we stock and can deliver around Australia. 

If at any point you have any questions, speak to one of the experienced technicians at Genesis a call on 1300 694 363 or enquire online. 

About the Bendpak 4-Post Vehicle Lift Range 

Whether you are a DIY car enthusiast or an automotive professional, we have a lift to suit your needs. With the capacity to raise vehicles from 6,350kgs to the larger trucks at 12,246kgs, the 4-post heavy-duty hoist is an essential piece of equipment for your home garage or workshop. 

We pride ourselves on supplying products that are versatile with the best performance and control, which is Bendpak hoists are a firm favourite boasting adjustable runway widths, single hydraulic under ramp and fully adjustable lock levelling stops. 

Our safety features are second to none with pneumatic push-button safety release, non-skid surface on the runways and redundant slack-cable safety latches – meaning you will never have to question the safety of yourself of your staff working on a vehicle again.  

4-Post Heavy-Duty Hoist Features 

Bendpak combines the best construction, materials and technology in their 4-post heavy-duty hoists. Some of the additional features include; 

  • Fully enclosed lifting cables, safety locks and sheaves 
  • Features heavy-duty aircraft cable 
  • Internal “anti-sway” slider blocks in each column  
  • Longer ramps for low ground clearance vehicles  
  • Oversized sheave diameters  
  • Rugged, self-lubricating cable sheaves  
  • Features heavy-duty sheave axles  
  • Multi-position safety locks in columns  
  • Dual-position power unit locations 
  • Drive-through ramps option available  
  • 1.21m approach ramps available  
  • Customizable power unit location 
  • Other accessories are available.  

Which Model to Choose?  

With a range of 4-post heavy-duty models to choose from, Genesis Equipment has the hoist to suit your space and requirements. Below is a quick guide on our 7 models to help you decide which would be best for your garage or workshop. For further details on our models, download the brochure here.  

HDS-14 Standard Length

Lifting capacity: 6350kgs 
Max rise: 70” 
Runway length: 199” 
Width: 130” 
Length: 241” 

HDS-14X Extended Length

Lifting capacity: 6350kgs 
Max rise: 70” 
Runway length: 229” 
Width: 130” 
Length: 271” 

HD-14T Super Tall

Lifting capacity: 6,350kgs 
Max rise: 2.08m 
Runway length: 4.85m 
Width: 3.20m 
Length: 5.94m 

HDSO-14P Open Front, Standard Length

Lifting capacity: 6,350kgs 
Max rise: 1.77m 
Runway length: 5.05m 
Width: 3.63m 
Length: 6.19m 

HDS-18E Standard Length

Lifting capacity: 8,164kgs 
Max rise: 1.52m 
Runway length: 6.32m 
Width: 3.91m 
Length: 7.54m 

HDS-27 Standard Length

Lifting capacity: 12,246kgs 
Max rise: 1.52m 
Runway length: 6.32m 
Width: 3.91m 
Length: 7.54m

HDS27X Extended Length

Lifting capacity: 12,246kgs 
Max rise: 1.52m 
Runway length: 7.84m 
Width: 3.91m 
Length: 9.06m 

HDS-40 Standard Length

Lifting capacity: 18,143kgs 
Max rise: 1.52m 
Runway length: 6.35m 
Width: 3.91m 
Length: 7.54m

HDS-40X Extended Length

Lifting capacity: 18,143kgs 
Max rise: 1.52m 
Runway length: 7.87m 
Width: 3.91m 
Length: 9.06m 

Bendpak 4-Post Heavy-Duty Hoist 

Lifting your car or truck has never been easier with the Bendpak 4-post heavy-duty hoist. For expert advice on what hoist would work best for your requirements, call the team at Genesis Equipment today on 1300 694 363 on enquire online.  


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