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September 11, 2023

HERRMANN AG Welcomes Genesis Equipment as Australian & New Zealand Distributor of Choice

herrmann inground car lifts
        Genesis Equipment Pty Ltd, Queensland:  Continuing their commitment to excellence, global industry leader, HERRMANN AG, has welcomed Australia’s leading Mechanical Workshop Fitouts and workshop equipment suppliers, Genesis Equipment, as their dedicated Australian and New Zealand distributor. With Genesis Equipment, the HERRMANN AG range of in-ground car lifts are now available for the first time in the Australian and New Zealand market, through an exclusive distribution agreement between the two organisations. Genesis Equipment continues to develop strong partnerships with leading manufacturers, like HERRMANN AG, to ensure that the best equipment is available for the automotive lifting needs of the under-serviced Australian market. Founded in 1971, HERRMANN AG has a focus on passenger cars and transporter hoisting technology and has built a broad international network of distributors that now includes Australia and New Zealand. Through its dedicated employees, HERRMANN AG has always demonstrated inventiveness, professionalism and commitment to technology and safety that has enabled it to reach an unmatched status in this field and to win credibility as a specialist vehicle lift manufacturer. HERRMANN AG in partnership with Genesis, will introduce the range to the Australian and New Zealand markets, including a dedicated servicing department. Genesis Equipment is excited to bring the global heavy weight to the market for the first time. “With limited options available to the Australian market, partnering with HERMANN to introduce the best quality in-ground car lifts will make a huge difference to the servicing industry across the nation.” Genesis Equipment provides high quality, durable and wide-ranging vehicle lifts with different capacity options that have been specifically designed for Australia and New Zealand’s busy automotive industry.

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