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Mid-Rise Scissor Lift MDS-6LP Open Centre Bendpak




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2,722-kg. Capacity / Mid-Rise Scissor Lift / Open Centre HOIST FOR SALE – CAR FOR DISPLAY ONLY The fully open-centre design of the MDS-6LP makes it a clear leader in convenience and work productivity. Designed for home garages, full-service shops and quick-lube pits—basically anyone who works on cars—this mid-rise pad lift offers the ruggedness you need with incredible portability. We’re not just talking a big game; we’re offering the first open-center mid-rise lift ever made. Decades of experience have taught us a thing or two about vehicle lift points. A car hoist with longer platforms means you get to lift more vehicle types than ever, correctly. The “correct” part is key. Too many well-meaning shops risk personal safety and the well-being of the vehicles they work on because their lifts don’t reach OEM jack points. The redesigned MDS-6LP corrects that problem once and for all with longer platforms. This means an extended lifting point spread. Add or remove ramps at your leisure: Converting your low-rise pad lift to a flush-mount design is now easier than ever. The ramps attach directly to the platform. This makes it easy to work on elevated vehicles, especially in the wheel well area. The approach ramps have slotted receivers and simply drop into place. They can be easily removed by lifting upward. Stronger hoist from a collapsed position: The MDS-6LP mid-rise lift has a pivoting “kicker” mechanism that helps with low ground-clearance vehicles. Scissor lifts in general have poor mechanical advantage when fully lowered. They have no lifting force until the frame rises a few inches. This kicker is like having booster rockets for the first 152 mm of upward movement. Four hydraulic cylinders: Your mid-rise pad lift is no wimp. Four super-powerful hydraulic cylinders with a proprietary flow divider ensure the separate platforms remain level and efficient at all times. It takes mere seconds to get to the max rise. This hoist also features the best electric-hydraulic technology the industry has to offer. Solid-steel safety lock bars: As the platforms rise, locks automatically engage at several heights. This safety feature ensures two things: more versatile positions to work from and increased safety as the platforms rise. For your safety, hydraulics are not engaged when the safety arms rest on the mechanical locks. Once the hoist moves, hydraulic pressure resumes.


  • Each lift platform features four solid steel-scissor frame support bars, making it one of the strongest mid-rise lifts in its class
  • Dual master hydraulic cylinder combines with dual equalizing cylinders to provide a safe and level
  • Solid‐steel safety lock bars engage automatically during ascent
  • Convenient stainless‐steel pneumatic cylinders simultaneously release safety locks during descent with a simple push of a button. (NOTE: Requires min. 50 psi, 10 CFM air source at time of installation.)
  • A push‐button safety lock release system is operated away from the lift and allows operators to safely deactivate the locks without the need to push or pull cumbersome release bars or lock release handles
  • Hinge point features Zerk grease fitting to allow lubrication at critical wear areas
  • Comes standard with four durable cushioned‐rubber contact blocks, permitting fast vehicle setup
  • Three locking positions allow technicians to work at different working heights to increase productivity and minimize fatigue
  • Powder coat finish provides a long lasting durable finish

Lifting capacity:       2,722 kg (6,000 lbs.)

Lifting height: 1,093 mm (43")

Lifting height + blocks:       1,144 mm (45")

Lift platform dimensions:    484 mm x 1,701 mm (19" x 67")

Width between platforms:  1,018 mm to 1,168 mm (40" to 46")

Overall width:          Adjustable

Overall length:         2,351 mm (92.6")

Lowered height:       116 mm (4.6")

Lifting time:   35 seconds

Shipping Dimensions (PICK UP ONLY): 700kgs 178x157x100Hcms


Cash and card payments accepted.

Payment prior to or on collection.

No Rain Checks - Stock is limited.

Goods to be collected from Genesis Equipment, Yatala, QLD.

3 Months Parts Warranty Only.

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