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SK 2070 | 2-Post Hoist



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2-POST LIFTS FREEDOMLIFT Due to its unrivalled flexibility, the 2-Post FREEDOMLIFT provides a superior solution for lifting a wide variety of vehicles from commercial vans to small heavy duty vehicles. The concept of the FREEDOMLIFT is ingenious and simple. The telescopic support arms allow the two post lift to easily and quickly be adjusted.  



Flexible and efficient
Optimal workshop space
Durable & robust
Safe automatic arm locking


Lifting capacity 7000 kg


Lifting height 1980 - 1995 mm
Pick-up height 130 - 145 mm
Lifting time 58 sec

Arms & Pads

Min. single telescopic arm 970 mm
Max. single telescopic arm 1610 mm
Min. double telescopic arm 900 mm
Max. double telescopic arm 1940 mm

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