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HD-9SW | 4-Post Hoist


SKU: 5175023


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Outside Dimensions
Inside Dimensions

Standard rise
Shorter runway for smaller spaces
Runways accommodate wide or narrow vehicles
Runways include rail kit for optional accessories
Electric / hydraulic power system
Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
Fully enclosed lifting cables, safety locks and sheaves
Internal anti-sway slider blocks in each column
Oversized self-lubricating cable rollers
Oversized sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
High-speed lifting
Features heavy-duty 3/8" aircraft cable
Rugged 1.25" roller axles
Multi-position safety locks in each column
Adjustable lock ladders
Runways feature a durable matte finish
Push-button pneumatic safety release
Independent backup slack-cable safety latches
Inside runways adjust for different tread widths
Customizable power unit location
Removable approach ramps for additional drive-under clearance
Optional drive-thru ramps available
Optional drip trays available
Optional solid deck available to increase storage capacity
Optional 4,500-lb. air / hydraulic rolling jacks available

Min. Runway Height: 7" (178 mm)
Max. Rise: 70" (1,778 mm)
Max. Lifting Height: 77" (1,956 mm)

Overall Width: 202" (5,131 mm)
Outside Length: 174" (4,420 mm)
Overall Length: 218.5" (5,550 mm)
Height of Columns: 90" (2,284 mm)

Width Between Columns: 192" (4,877 mm)
Drive-Thru Clearance: 178" (4,521 mm)

Runway Width: 19" (483 mm)
Length of Runways: 164" (4,166 mm)
Width Between Runways: 34.25" (870 mm) - 41" (1,041 mm)
Runway Centerline: 56.25" (1,429 mm) - 62.75" (1,594 mm)
Outside Edge of Runways: 75.25" (1,911 mm) - 81.75" (2,076 mm)

Locking Positions: 14
Lock Spacing: Every 4" (102 mm)

Shipping Weight: 2,796 lbs. (1,268 kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 200” x 22” x 52” (5,080 mm x 5,080 mm x 1,333 mm)

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