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RBJ18000 | 4-Post Hoist


SKU: 5175032


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18,000-lb. Capacity / Rolling Bridge Jack The powerful 18,000-lb. capacity RBJ18000 rolling bridge jack is made for use with your HD-35 4-Post series lift. Sometimes a vehicle’s center of gravity isn’t in the exact middle of the vehicle. Even a 30,000-lb. vehicle might require a jack that is rated for more than half the vehicle’s weight.



18,000-lb. lifting capacity
Steal contact pads
High-pressure hydraulic power unit
Optional air-line kit


Lifting Capacity 18,000 lbs. (8,165 kg)
Suitable Lift Model(s) HDS-40 Series


Short Arm Pad: 19" (483 mm)
Short Top Pad: 19.75" (502 mm)
Tall Arm Pad: 20.5" (521 mm)
Tall Top Pad: 21.25" (540 mm)
Time to Full Rise: 55 seconds

Arms & Pads

Support Base Width: 45" (1,143 mm)
Max. Arm Pad Reach: 63.75" (1,619 mm)
Min. Arm Pad Reach: 48.5" (1,232 mm)
Max. Top Pad Reach: 39.5" (1,003 mm)
Min. Top Pad Reach: 8" (203 mm)


Pump: Air/Hydraulic
Air Pressure: 125 PSI (10-25 CFM)
Max. Operating Hydraulic Pressure: 7,200 PSI

Power Unit

Power Requirement: None


Shipping Weight: 792 lbs. (359 kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 47" x 29" x 17" (1,206 mm x 736 mm x 431 mm)

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