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PL-6000DC | Parking Lift


SKU: 5175427


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6,000 Lb. Capacity / Two-Post Parking Lift / Shared Columns / SPECIAL ORDER The PL-6000DC is a two-post parking lift with car storage capacity of up to 6,000-pounds. This parking lift is designed to be ganged together with shared columns allowing you to fit more units into a smaller space. Can be installed in either indoor or outdoor locations.



Low Operating Cost
Platform driven by gravity when lowered. No electric motor consumption is required.

Fast and Easy Installation
is fast and easy. Detailed installation manual is provided along with floorplan and foundation drawings and video attached with products will help customers have easier installation work.
Ganged/Shared Columns
The posts can be shared which allows multiple installations in minimum space and reduces cost.

Professional Packing & Delivery
Professional packaging and our experienced logistic team ensures customers will get the product damage free. Compact package size means simple unloading and handling.

Dependable Hydraulic Operation
The PL-6000DC features dual telescoping direct-drive cylinders eliminating the need for lifting chains or screw mechanisms and offer better reliability, smoother operation and less maintenance costs.

Automatic Safety Device
Powerful load-holding devices automatically engage and lock the lift structure as the parking lift raises, preventing sudden free fall in the unlikely event of a suspension component failure. Typically, after the lift is raised to the required working height, operators are instructed to lower the lift until it is resting safely on the locks to minimize wear on suspension components.

Safety Features
Mechanical safety locks are spaced every 4 inches
24v operator controls and lock release
Photocell sensor prohibits lift to be lowered if vehicle is parked below
Electric protection for power overload or improper voltage
Automatic locking system during power outage
Emergency stop button
Upper limit switch
Pressure relief valve and pressure compensated flow control valve to ensure safe operation and level lifting
Industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders feature a single-piece, pilot fitted, machined steel piston, wrapped with specially designed, pressure loaded U-cup piston seals, backups and wear bands to virtually eliminate fluid bypass


Lifting Height 82.5” (2,100 mm)

Outside Dimensions

Overall Height 126.5” (3,221 mm)
Overall Length 148.25” (3,766 mm)
Overall Width 100.25” (2,547 mm)

Lift Pad Dimension

Usable Platform Width 82.5” (2,100 mm)

Power Unit

Electrical Required 220-420V, 1 or 3 Phase , 50/60Hz
Power Pack 2.2kw hydraulic power pump

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