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QuickJack 5000TLX Extended Portable Car Lift


SKU: 5000TLX


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MLS-18 18,000-lb. capacity Tripod design evenly distributes weight under load Each leg is equipped with an 11 sq. in. floor pad Can be easily moved and placed under a vehicle by means of two 3" diameter wheels Equipped with a foldaway transport handle Center tube is spring-assisted to facilitate adjustment of the stand Adjustable from 48.75" to 74.5" 9 pin positions 1" diameter self-locking ACME screw for fine adjustment of the stand height
5000TLX Extended-Length Portable Car Lift System Why did we develop the 5000TLX? Simple: the 5000TL has a limiting lift point reach of 60". That works for most vehicles, but there are vehicles whose manufacturer-recommended lift points are just an inch or two out of reach. That sounds like a small difference, but professional shops and smart DIY-ers know never to take chances with an off-balance load. The 5000TLX has a 66" lift point reach that's long enough for virtually every consumer vehicle type out there (with the exception of certain electric vehicles, for which we offer the 6000ELX). Many auto detailing and repair shops can’t fit a full-size car lift in their space, and there hasn’t been an industry response to meet these needs. We heard the community’s call and immediately went to work perfecting the TLX series. It's our pleasure to introduce the world’s first professional-grade home car lift. Of course, commercial garages will get just as much use out of it. Looking to lift more weight with an extended-length frame? Check out the 7000TLX car lift. Setup for the 5000TLX car lift is the same as it is for any other TL model. You still get 5,000 lbs. of lift, auto-locking safety bars, 30-second rise and one-touch button controls. Because we stretched our TLX models an extra 6" to accommodate some late-model cars, the overall frame length is also slightly longer. So, if you’re into Smart Cars or other super-short wheelbase vehicles, be sure to measure first—these frames are probably too long. For vehicles with jack points that are a little closer together, we recommend the 5000TL. However, the TLX will often accommodate shorter vehicles too. We ask that you measure your wheelbase(s), re-measure, and then measure again. Better safe than sorry. EXTENDED-LENGTH car lift design The 5000TLX portable car lift has been redesigned to accommodate vehicles with longer wheelbases. We’ve increased the overall frame length and lift point spread by 6". As a result, the minimum lift point spread is now 6" longer, as well. Our new portable car lift design better accommodates longer wheelbases and/or extended lift point spreads. TL minimum lift point spread: 37" TLX minimum lift point spread: 43" TL maximum lift point spread: 60" TLX maximum lift point spread: 66" TL overall frame length: 70" TLX overall frame length: 76" What's the difference between the NEW TL Models vs. SLX Models? The biggest difference between the 5000TLX and BL-5000EXT is the lifting height, which has increased 3 inches. This provides ample room to perform all the common vehicle maintenance tasks and allows you the capability to perform even the most complicated repairs. Overall dimensions have remained the same, so you'll continue to benefit from what made QuickJack so popular in the automotive community and that is it's super-low 3" lowered height. The minimum lifting point spread did change from 31.5" to 37", but this will not make a difference to the vast majority of 5000TLX users.

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