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Truck Adapter Kit


SKU: 5150561

This twelve‐piece adapter set increases the service capability of the QuickJack 5000TL/TLX, 7000TL/TLX and 6000ELX series by providing stackable adapters that mount inside the lifting block trays.


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Truck Adapter Kit

Most SUVs and trucks require adapter sets for maintenance. Your portable car lift system is capable of reaching the undercarriage of virtually every vehicle that does not exceed the unit’s lift capacity. Best of all, while using SUV and truck adapters, QuickJack remains perfectly stable and secure at all times. Take your garage lift to its max extension with as much ease as you would a Mustang or Ferrari. And if you do have a smaller vehicle to work under, it’s easy to replace the adapter set with QuickJack’s conventional stackable rubber blocks takes in no time at all. Just swap them out in the block tray and you’re done! To support your heavy vehicles, a rugged, cross-textured base pad sits securely in the QuickJack block tray, supporting the same stackable adapters and rounded lift pad that you might see on any frame-engaging car lift. Incredible stability underlines our truck adapter design, maximizing your overall safety. To this end, QuickJack remains CE Certified when the truck adapter set is in use, which means you can enjoy a garage lift that’s truly portable and perfectly suited for light trucks and SUVs.

Why isn’t the SUV & Truck Adapters Set compatible with the 3500SLX?

While QuickJack’s truck adapters will technically fit in the lifting trays of every model, high-stance trucks and SUVs will weigh over 3,500 lbs. This makes them unsuitable for use with the 3500SLX. Plus, the 3500SLX features a shorter frame that most likely wouldn’t provide adequate balance for longer wheelbases. We recommended the 7,000-lb. capacity 7000TL or 7000TLX for heavy-duty lifting applications.


  • Features removable stacking pin
  • Gain additional 6″ lifting height
  • High-quality, rugged lifting Tuf-Pads™ by BendPak provide exceptional grip
  • Fast assembly/disassembly & transport
  • Set of (4) takes up minimal space for easy storage
  • Fits all QuickJack portable car lift models (except 3500SLX)


Quickjack exploded truck adapters
Quickjack exploded truck adapters
A - Overall height

7.2" (183 mm)

B - Pad height

1" (25 mm)

C - Pin height

2.8" (71 mm)

D - Base height

3.4" (86 mm)

Shipping dimensions

10" x 10" x 6" (254 x 254 x 152 mm)

Shipping weight

32-lbs. (15 kg)

What's Inside?

  • 4x Low‐profile round polyurethane contact pads
  • 4x Sliding receivers that accommodate the round polyurethane contact pads and/or the stackable adapters
  • 4x Stackable adapters (3″)

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