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September 11, 2023

Car Scissor Lift

1912 Scissor Lift

If you’re in the market for a quality car scissor lift, Genesis Equipment has rounded up our list of the best vehicle scissor lifts on the Australian market that are both functional and safe – all of which we can supply and if desired, expertly install.

Whether you run an automotive workshop, dealership or car enthusiast wanting to kit out your home garage – you’ll find a scissor lift or floor jack that fits your brief with Genesis!

In this blog we’ve also included a couple of scissor lifts alternative (2 and 4 post hoists) that might be worth considering, depending on your underbody access requirements and space available.

Remember, if you want some help choosing the right equipment for the job after reading this blog, our team of experienced workshop and equipment specialists are happy to help. Call us on 1300 694 363 or enquire online here.

Bendpak Scissor Lifts

Genesis is the exclusive distributor for Bendpak in Australia and can source any car scissor lift from the Bendpak range.

With lifting capabilities ranging from 2700kgs to 5500kgs, to help ensure you get the right lift for you needs we suggest asking yourself these three questions:

  1. Do I need centreline access under the vehicle? This will help shortlist your perfect scissor lift. Some models in the Bendpak range don’t offer open centre access making them more suited to performing wheel and brake services.
  2. How much height do I need to achieve?
  3. What is the max vehicle weight I will be lifting?

Scissor Lift Alternative

EXPERT TIP: If you’ve had your eye on a scissor lift, it’s also worth looking at whether a 2 post or 4 post vehicle hoist will be more suited to your requirements. In our experience, some workshops could exponentially increase their productivity and efficiency with a better all-round lifting system and greater underbody access.

Find out more about our 2 post hoists here, or 4 post hoists here.

On the flipside, scissor lifts tend to boast a smaller footprint and eliminate the need for bulky side posts found in 2 and 4 posts which may clutter your workshop or garage.

So, you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons for your personal situation to determine which style and model works for you.

Mid Rise Scissor Lifts Australia

Ideal for low ceilings, here’s a selection of Bendpak mid-rise lifts worth considering: 

  • MDS-6LP – Mid Rise, Open Centre, 2700kg lifting capacity, ALI Certified, Height range – 11cm to 109cm
  • MDS-6LPF – Mid Rise, Open Centre, Flush Mount, 2700kg lifting capacity, ALI Certified, Height Range:
  • MDS-6XP – Mid Rise, Frame Lift, Portable, Adjustable Arms

Bendpak mid-rise lifts popularity is often attributed to versatility, portability and overall affordability.

High Rise Scissor Lifts Australia

The biggest advantage of a high-rise scissor lift is that you can stand fully upright under these models. Bendpak’s unique designs – including narrower style options – can accommodate passenger vehicles through to light duty trucks.

Models to consider:

  • SP-7XL – Full rise, Frame Engaging, Independent Pads, 3175kg lifting capacity, height range – 13cm to 172cm
  • SP-7XLF – Full rise, Frame Engaging, Flush Mount, Independent Pads, 3175kg lifting capacity, height range – 13cm to 172cm

Car Scissor Lift

Genesis Equipment is one of Australia’s leading workshop specialists – whether you need a single piece of equipment or need to kit out a full workshop or dealership. Our experienced sales team will help you identify and source the most functional workshop equipment with efficiency, productivity and budget in mind.

Contact us on 1300 694 363 or enquire online here.

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